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Letter to the Editor: The importance of dealing with anger properly

By Community Member | July 19, 2022 1:41 pm

When you get angry, you emotionally react to something you may regard as bad. Adverse effects that may come from your ire include high blood pressure, broken relationships, hasty decisions, and more. You aren’t going to let your grievance escalate to dangerous levels of rage, so you quickly divert your mind from targeting the object of your acrimony to either find a correct way to make the situation better or realize that the ganger is just a blip in the environment not worthy of expending a lot of energy on.

Anger can eat away at your enjoyment in life. It not only affects your bodily functions but can show up as passive aggressive behavior or raw violence. Suppressed anger can sneak into your conduct or wellbeing in insidious ways. Examples including giving someone the cold shoulder or a false smile. It’s amazing all the ways that anger can manifest itself without you perceiving it as such.

The whole world is pervaded by anger in one form or another. Most of us can get a handle on it if we can recognize and deal with it early, intelligently, and without undue malice. Otherwise, professional anger management counseling should be sought.

Neal Wallace