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Editorial: Achieving your personal goals won’t always be easy

By Robb Johnson | July 27, 2022 12:13 am

We all have goals in life. However, what do we need to do to accomplish those goals without falling completely off the wagon?

This is a conversation that occurs every year for every living human being. We all have that instinct to want to accomplish something. We have that ambition to want something so bad that sometimes we burn ourselves out too quickly.

We must understand that goals are not met overnight. They are well thought out plans that have a long, strategic end that meets a resolution. The day and time we live in now is a microwave society. Everybody wants something to happen instantly. The problem with instant is that it’s quick and not beneficial, like a frozen dinner or a five-dollar tire service.

Things like this are not healthy and will end up costing you later. This results in goals not being given the proper steps in order to reach them. When trying to accomplish a goal, you need a plan. But that plan needs steps and the right course of action to ensure that everything you are doing is sufficient.

Goals can have dry periods where you get bored or frustrated. At that point, you have to decide whether to keep grinding or quit. Your decision could greatly impact your future, depending on what that goal is.

Goals will not always be popular with others, which is fine. Your goals belong to you and no one else. Some look at opposition as hate, while I view it as a test. When people doubt you, continue to dream bigger. When you stop your goals because of the opinions of other people, you are letting them win. These types of people are blessings in disguise because of the fact that if everyone is telling you how great your ideas are, it is a good chance someone is blowing smoke.

The sad truth is that goals are not easy. We all have to stay motivated and take negativity to use it as fuel. That fuel will ultimately help you reach your pinnacle. At that point, you can do nothing but acknowledge that you’re a person of your word and not just a talk.

Actions speak louder than words. In this world, that is how you gain respect with others, and most importantly, yourself.