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Revenue shortfall forces CC board to alter allocations

By Robb Johnson | September 23, 2010 12:02 pm

A revenue shortfall emanating from Waste Management’s landfill is prompting Charles City’s Board of Supervisors to temporarily suspend its practice of allocating money to county offices on a quarterly basis and resort to monthly appropriations to keep a tight rein on expenses.

Supervisors voted unanimously to institute the measure during their Sept. 8 quarterly work session. The move takes effect in October.

Assistant county administrator/finance director Michelle Johnson recommended the board follow the monthly appropriation practice until the current fiscal year runs out next June. Board members agreed.

“Because of the shortfall, we have to safeguard taxpayer dollars and monitor spending more closely,” she told the board.

Spending will be limited to essential items, county administrator Jack Miniclier added. He said belt tightening is necessary since trash tonnage at the landfill is below the average 2,000 tons per day required in the county’s contract with Waste Management He said he met recently with landfill officials to discuss the situation.

“This month it’s 1,700 tons, up from 1,100 to 1,300 tons, but they said they don’t believe they can reach 2,000 tons,” Miniclier told supervisors. “If the average is 1,700 tons for the fiscal year, we’ll be $600,000 short in revenue.

“We’ll continue discussions with them and try to work with them to get the average up to 2,000 tons. We may take other measures later,” he said without elaborating.

Supervisors, meanwhile, are requesting a meeting with school officials and passed Supervisor Gilbert Smith’s motion to establish a “collaborative group” to discuss budget and spending matters. The group is to consist of one supervisor, two School Board members, Miniclier, Johnson, and school superintendent Janet Crawley.

On the agenda will be the current budget crisis as well as planning for the fiscal 2012 budget. Supervisors appointed Timothy Cotman as the board’s representative.