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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | October 30, 2020

Editorial: Don’t let what’s going on in the world be the cause of mental health issues

Where is your mental health right now and how are you dealing with this nutty world? We are living in such times of turmoil and there is no promise of tomorrow. Things look sad when you watch the news and check social media feeds. I am here to tell you that everything will be okay. Everything happening now has happened before. We are conditioned to think that things now are new and being seen for the first time. We must remember that we have so much history. It helps just to take that resource and do some research and make…
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  • New Kent supervisors shift funds to complete Phase 1 of Pine Fork Park project

    New Kent’s Board of Supervisors approved an appropriation to complete Phase 1 of the Pine Fork Park Project. Board members voted 4-1 to move $325,591 from the capital reserve fund to finish the project during Tuesday morning’s work session. For the most part with the exception of the concession stand, Phase 1 of Pine Fork Park is near completion. The project, originally priced at $4.38 million, had been reduced down to $4.121 million after reducing some costs. However, drainage issues, miscellaneous maintenance, and updates to athletic fields are also needed to be completed. Board members expressed concern over engineering firms…
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  • Charles City County staff to research B-POL tax; restrictions on thru-trucks returns to drawing board

    Charles City’s Board of Supervisors is receiving information that may lead to the implementation of a Business-Professional Operation License (B-POL) tax for fiscal year 2022-23. Local leaders received an update on the process from County Administrator Michelle Johnson during Tuesday night’s regular board meeting. Over the past year and a half, District 2 Supervisor and Board Chairman Bill Coada has lobbied for information for the possible institution of the B-POL tax. Citing a desire to garner revenue for the county, Johnson directed staff to gather information regarding the subject matter. At the board meeting, Johnson provided information gathered from research…
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  • Hampton man pleads guilty to grand theft auto, eluding police in New Kent

    A Hampton man who fled New Kent authorities during a June 28 pursuit pleaded guilty to three felonies and three misdemeanors as part of an agreement reached during Monday morning proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court. John Perlie Dawson Jr., 33, of 16 Kenneth Street, entered guilty pleas to felony counts of grand theft auto, eluding of police, hit and run, and misdemeanor counts of trespassing, tampering with a vehicle, and reckless driving. In a summary of evidence, around 6 p.m. on the abovementioned date, a vehicle was traveling south on North Courthouse Road at 70 miles per hour in…
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  • Letter to the Editor: Supports Rob Wittman for Congress

    New Kent is blessed to be represented by one of America’s finest Congressmen, Rob Wittman. Rob is not only knowledgeable and committed to honest government, he is also readily accessible to his constituents in the 1st Congressional District. Rob is being challenged by Qasim Rashid, a Democrat from Northern Virginia. In a recent tweet, Rashed claimed that on the subject of pro-life “Only in America can pro-life mean being pro-bombing civilians in eight countries, pro-torture, being pro-concentration camps for babies, and being pro-starving 18.4 million Yemenis to death—but screaming in unholy outrage if a teen rape victim seeks an abortion.”…
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