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Editorial: Let us help you by you helping us

By Andre Jones | September 27, 2017 12:03 am

We here at the Chronicle make every attempt to assist the community. Whether it’s attending an event or submitting something for the newspaper, we make our best efforts to accommodate everyone. But sometimes there will be moments where we aren’t able to do those things. However, I am here to give you a few “hints” on how helping us will help you.

1. Send your information before the deadline. Our deadlines have moved to Mondays. If you send a coming event or church event to us by then, more than likely it will make the paper. It’s the same with our advertisement department; they need a few days to double check ads and send them back to proofread them. If you send us the information before the deadline, then more than likely it will be in the newspaper.

2. Send your information to the right department. I get asked often (with the latest being Tuesday night) if I received an article or coming event. My first response is did they send it to the right email address. Simply put, if you send something to the advertising department that is a news article, more than likely I have not received it. I do not have access to their emails. Help us, help you by sending your news articles and coming events to me ( is my email address).

3. If you want coverage for an event you have, please notify us at least a week in advance. Some of you may not know that about 99.9 percent of the time, I’m not in the office as I am covering an event (such as a game, meeting, etc.). If you have a community event that you want covered, simply send the information a week in advance to review. This helps us by seeing if our schedules coincide so that coverage for the event can occur. If not, you are more than welcome to submit a picture to the paper. This brings us to…

4. If a picture or submission is not in the newspaper, don’t panic! Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the newspaper to run every submission or article we receive (even stories I have written have to be pulled). We advise everyone that when space is available, the article, picture, etc. will run. So don’t worry if it doesn’t run in the upcoming issue. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Well, those are some tips from my perspective on what I can do to help you out when it comes to submissions for the Chronicle. Hopefully if we take time to actually read this editorial, you won’t have to deal with those bulky gray boxes that pop up on the page every now and then. You know, the “Frequently Asked Questions” box.