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Editorial: Take time to embrace loved ones during the holidays

By Robb Johnson | December 6, 2017 12:41 pm

What does this time of the year really mean to you? In times of mass tragedy, questionable political tactics, and overall confusion about the direction of our nation, take the time this holiday season to be with family and friends and celebrate life.

I’m not here to tell you what to celebrate this holiday season. We are America, a beautiful country with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. What I am telling you is that this year, take time to do the small things.

What are the small things? The small things include getting together with family and looking at memory books, telling stories, and having a good laugh. We all need to vent and it’s a time of the year where people are stressed. However, leave that negative mindset alone. Most of people’s problems around America is that they worry about gifts.

I’m here to tell you (especially a lot you parents out there) is that we all want to give the kids more than we had. But this is hurting our culture. Gifts are great and they make you feel good temporarily, but memories of family and having those warm moments last a lifetime. This culture is so worried about keeping up with the latest celebrity trends that we forget about the essence of love and giving in other ways.

Take time out as a family to decorate the house together. If that’s not your thing, do something to make the memories last a lifetime. Myself as well as a lot of others have fell victim to losing a loved ones during the holiday season. We can’t wait for things to happen to wake up and see what life is really about.

We must look through the hourglass and realize that no one has forever to live and we don’t know the time or the hour that our life will end. We must be real with ourselves because we are not promised next year. You might say, “I will wait to spend time with my family.” Don’t wait! Do it this year.

I will conclude by saying I hope everyone has a great holiday season. By no means am I saying that materials won’t bring smiles, but the things that are free can be cherished for a lifetime has no price on them. And a lifetime of memories and being together can override anything that can be purchased and put under a tree. Gifts will cost you money, love will cost you nothing, and you can never put a price tag on that.