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Editorial: Social media is a platform for views and opinions, but not results

By Andre Jones | March 7, 2018 8:00 am

The wave of social media continues to expand in an everchanging society. And while that continues to a certain extent, addressing the basis and forming opinions about certain things continue to be where they have been in the past; to themselves. That was until social media blossomed into what is essentially an online debate room.

On a daily basis, there are a number of comments that appear on the Chronicle’s social media pages. Don’t get me wrong, we encourage those comments and discussion as it is a healthy outlet for others to discuss opinions and give praise or criticism as a person may view. It is a person’s first amendment right to have free speech.

However, there are things that are monitored on our social media pages. In today’s times, people read the headlines of posts but fail to read the story. Conclusions are often jumped to, resulting in rants and dismay. When a decision is made by a governmental body in Charles City or New Kent, people ask questions on social media instead of actually asking that entity. It is understandable that people are busy, but sometimes it’s better to talk to those elected officials instead of posting a three-paragraph tangent about not liking a situation.

The aforementioned comments don’t apply to everybody, but the Chronicle will continue to be a family-friendly oriented newspaper. We have set guidelines about using our social media pages (that can be read on our website) about what is allowed on our social media pages. Staff of the Chronicle do not engage in conversations on our social media page for a number of reasons, but we do monitor it occasionally. Our staff understands there will be stories and posts that people like, dislike, or don’t have any particular interest in. Viewpoints will continuously vary, but speaking as an individual, I encourage those opinions to be expressed in a way that a point can be gotten across in a healthy manner (i.e. no use of profanity).

As the Chronicle continues to grow, our social media is slowly expanding. While media will take the Internet by storm, that media is national and doesn’t reflect what the Chronicle does. The Chronicle has thrived for more than 20 years because of its keen focus is specific to Charles City and New Kent while supported by local businesses. The Chronicle launched online in September 2012 to high praise, and now our social media is following suit.

So, when you receive that notification about a new story on one of our social media pages, read about it and if you desire to comment, feel free to do so. Just remember that there are others who also have the right to express themselves as well, and that’s what makes what we do on an everyday basis an adventure here at the Chronicle.