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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | May 26, 2018

Local students graduate from Rappahannock Community College

By Community Member | May 16, 2018 9:15 pm

Several Charles City and New Kent residents received either degrees or certifications through Rappahannock Community College as part of its graduation ceremonies that took place on May 11.

Charles City dual-enrollment students earning certificates/degrees are Jared Baber (intro to engineering tech), Matthew Bartle (basic network and cybersecurity, gaming), Jawuan Bowman (HVAC), Sa’Quan Bowman (HVAC), Charles Brown (diesel mechanics technology), Kirsten Burkhead (culinary arts), Dominic Davis (HVAC), George Englehart (diesel mechanics technology), Dylan Jones (diesel mechanics technology), Shania King (culinary arts), Lori Montgomery (nurse aide), Noah Palmer (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development),Johnathan Seymour (intro to engineering tech), Savannah Shannon (general education), and Adrianna Stewart(nurse aide), Marquita Taylor (culinary arts), and Nathan Taylor.

Other Charles City students earning certificates/degrees are Dillon Narron (basic networking and cybersecurity), John Nerney (general education), Mary Stevens (general education), and Matesha Taylor (pre-nursing).

New Kent dual-enrollment students earning certificate/degrees are Jabriel Ames (game design and development), Kyra Attridge (arts and sciences, general education), Noah Babin (game design and development), Isaish Barnett (basic network and cybersecurity, gaming), Derric Bayne (intro to engineering tech), Carleigh Bennett (web design), Jacob Broz (game design and development), Bobbi Couch (nurse aide), Tanner Dail (basic network and cybersecurity, gaming), Jayden Darrin (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development), Brandon Darrisaw (culinary arts), Alex Foley (web design), Michael Foster (HVAC), Jessica Goins (nurse aide), Trevor Hardesty (game design and development), Savanna Holley (nurse aide), Nina Huggett (culinary arts), Selena Jackson (basic network and cybersecurity, gaming), Devon Jenkins (HVAC), Sheena Johns (basic network and cybersecurity, game design), Barton Leader (web design), Eric Lucy (game design and development), Calope Martinez (nurse aide), Noah McGill (HVAC), Hunter Memmer (nurse aide), Kathrine Michos (general education), Kyah Otey (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development), Makenna Pollard (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development), Dana Profitt (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development), Jonathan Reynosa Gonzalez (web design), Joseph Schureman (basic network and cybersecurity, game design and development), SarahBelle Stoneham (general education), Zachary Stout (intro to engineering tech), Lane Underwood (HVAC), Jazmin Vazquez-Padilla (culinary arts), Caitlin Via (nurse aide, Nicole Wade (general education), and Colby Windsor (HVAC).

Other New Kent students earning certificates/degrees are Christian Babin (arts and sciences), Melissa Bristow (phlebotomy), Isabella Cashin (health-STEM), Savannah Dagenhart (nursing), Mia Eubank (nursing), Brittany Jones (general education), Amber Lykins (pre-practical nursing), John Moore (arts and sciences), Samantha Otey (pre-nursing), Kalyn Pierce (general education), Katie Presnall (general education), Christina Pyatt (general education), Lindsey VanLeliveld (nursing), Jedidiah Vandeloecht (business administration), Grace Via (practical nursing), and Killian Wisslead (business administration).