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‘Hello’ program looks to help senior citizens in Charles City

By Robb Johnson | September 14, 2018 3:02 pm

A unique program to assist the senior living community will take place in Charles City.

Charles City County Parks and Recreation will host a community game day for seniors entitled “Hello” will be available on Oct. 22 at the recreation center. The program is one of only 19 within the United States to be chosen by Penn State University’s College of Medicine to take place.

The purpose of the program is to get senior citizens to open up about problems and place them in an atmosphere where they can discuss freely about medical related issues or needs.

“We need the senior to cooperate health wise,” said Charles City Parks and Recreation senior adult program director Brenner Carter.

The program will consist of a blend of questionnaires, games, and conversation centered around health-related issues. The 32-question colloquy will provide feedback on the feelings of the seniors and help determine the problems they face. The program is designed to weed out those problems and to access their situations.

“We want to extend the invitation of this program not just to Charles City, but all surrounding areas,” Carter added. “Once we get those folks together, we can see their true issues and reach out to other folks that may help those people with medial help or transportation or anything that may be of need.”

The program’s interactive portion consists of a set-up where groups of six will with each and pair off. Those people will interact with one another and talk about health-related issues. After a certain time, the groups will rotate stations into another area.

After the activities, Penn State University’s College of Medicine plans to use the data and results of the program and analyze the information to assist with future projects in the county that will assist senior citizens.

Carter went on to explain that many seniors are afraid to ask for help because they live on a system of pride, turning away any assistance.

“We have to look out for seniors,” Carter said. “They are falling by the wayside and we need to help keep them up.”

The director commented that the program is a revolving wheel of information and help for the older generation. He said that community youth are welcomed to volunteer after obtaining a background check.

“This is important because the youth will one day be seniors and they will need help,” Carter said, encouraging the younger generation to assist with the event. “The youth around here needs to give back to the seniors and the county.

“What you do now will reflect on you later,” he continued. “One day you will need help and the way you treat people now is what’s going to happen to you later.”

The program will feature lunch for senior citizens and volunteers. To RSVP for the event, call Carter at 804-652-1601.