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Editorial: Make donating to a local organization an option

By Andre Jones | November 27, 2018 10:16 pm

It seems like social media and trends are affecting everyday activities with us. Social media has increased the widespread of a variety of “National (fill-in-the-blank) Day” with each turn of the calendar page. With the trend spreading, I thought the one that was posted last Tuesday was an interesting one.

Logging into my social media account, I noticed that Tuesday was #givingTuesday that pushed for making donations to an organization. According to social media platforms, a lot of big companies were matching donations made by patrons who contributed to the cause. Many social media platforms have been pushing and promoting the use of their respective sites for more notifications and making contributions via their websites.

With those words in my head, I thought about the various organizations that make donations to local groups in Charles City and New Kent County. There are a number of good-hearted organizations such as the Ruritan Clubs, Lions Club, and many churches’ that reach out to lend a helping hand. Those donations have been both of the monetary and items (such as non-perishable items for food pantries).

Those donations are all well received and greatly appreciative by organizations. But there are many more organizations that continue to seek help. As with the changes in time, people are more cautious about the organizations they donate to. However, efforts are being made by groups to reaffirm the legitimacy of the group. When a person or group reaches out for assistance, a system is usually put in place to make ensure that the funds or products are done for a good reason.

With the Christmas holiday season approaching, I encourage each person in the area to make a donation of some sort to an organization. There are several groups collecting canned goods for pantries, along with small groups here and there. Schools in both counties often have organizations (such as sports, student civic organizations, etc.), that often go unnoticed and needs support for items such as dues. Local banks are accepting donations for items and hosting angel trees for families in need. You may not have a lot to give, but the recipients are more grateful for the smallest of items.

Overall, my message is that people are scared to ask for support or help. People tend to be prideful on being self-sufficient and aren’t willing to accept help. Offering friendship or making an anonymous donation can be the one thing to show others that you care. The impact you have as a donor means more than you can ever know.