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Editorial: Staying faithful and being knowledgeable about ongoing situations

By Andre Jones | January 3, 2019 7:39 am

Today, we live in a society that is more fearful rather than faithful. There are many instances and incidents that take place that makes us weary of what to do in situations that we face. Hopefully, this writing will restore a little bit of faith in who we are as people.

I’m not here to preach or even tell you what to do when facing a task, complication, or obstacle in life. Instead, I am advising you to become more knowledgeable about what you are dealing with not only on an everyday basis, but for the future. An example of this is how New Year’s Eve celebrations are handled. We know that you shouldn’t drink and drive and law enforcement officers reiterate that more than a week in advance to prepare people of the consequences and dangers of doing so. Still, there are still a select few that continue to do those things and unfortunately, somebody won’t make it home.

The same thing can be said about us as humans. We are raised in a society where we should know right from wrong. However, desperation can take over sometimes and the line of morality is crossed. Innocent people are robbed or hurt because of actions of others. But we must know the warning signs as well. Taking for granted certain things like living in a quiet neighborhood doesn’t excuse the fact that your car doors should probably be locked. The owner of the vehicle knows the items inside shouldn’t be tampered with, but why take a chance in the first place?

It’s rough out here in today’s world. As we deal with our surroundings, we see people not making any money because of the current federal government shutdown. We see others working two to three jobs in attempts to provide financial support. We see more regulations about taxing items (such as plastic bags) in efforts to help the environment yet corporations will be the ones receiving tax credits for it.

The way our society can grow is by understanding and working together. We cannot continue to hinder ourselves and expect the same results. That’s the basic definition of insanity. I want to see growth and happiness for everybody but realistically, that probably won’t happen. There are several things that can be done but as the old saying goes, it starts with yourself. If I can be a better person, what can I do to impact others in a positive way? I don’t’ expect to change the world overnight, but I do expect to do something that can affect at least one person. Hopefully, this editorial is the first step to make others aware that we can be better by being more positive instead of dwelling on the negativity of our surroundings.

Have faith in yourself and each other. It may be painful at times, but staying the course and doing little things to change the path to better the traversing of it can be the one thing that makes a difference.