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Editorial: Cherish your time here on Earth

By Robb Johnson | March 5, 2019 9:48 pm

It is important to love your family and most importantly, yourself.

We live in a 24-7 news cycle, where everything is so high tech. We barely have time to take heads out of our phones because of the latest email that needs to be answered. Text messaging is a constant thing in our everyday lives.

This is all very understandable. However, take some time out with the family members and just put the phones away. There was a time when cell phones didn’t exist and everybody in the family would sit around, talk, and share stories. Some call this “the good ole days”, and yes, it was a time of togetherness that many will never understand.

Most of the time, the only time people come together is for the holidays or for that last goodbye. We are so busy doing things that we never sit back and realize that life waits on no one. Every day that we are on Earth, the clock is ticking on our existence.

We worry about keeping up with the latest fashion, so caught up on who has this and who has that. Most of us are so insecure and don’t realize that none of those things will matter six months down the line.

Take time to evaluate what makes you happy. Life is filled with so many ups and downs. We cannot rely on others to define our happiness.

My message to you is clear. Little things in life matter along with not being blind to the fact that we will all leave this Earth one day. Appreciate those special moments in life. They should never be taken for granted.