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Letter to the Editor: Says Convention vote should count with Wyatt to represent 97th District

By Community Member | May 6, 2019 9:29 pm

Last Saturday, hundreds of voters convened at a convention to elect the delegate for the 97th District. I filed my application to become a delegate, participated in the mass meeting in New Kent, and I followed the process closely over many weeks.

Chris Peace also attended the mass meetings. His campaign was a blatant disrespect for constituents. This is not “his seat.” The seat is earned!

A legislator who truly believes that government is of the people and by the people would not create chaos. Peace should respect the party and the people of the committee. He should have attended the convention as he did the mass meetings.

Friday night referred the convention as a “protest rally.” Most folks showed up for the convention and attended the organized event on Saturday. Senators David Suetterlein and Ryan McDougle were present at the event and shared a strong statement: It is part of our civic duty to show up and participate.

As a result, I believe the convention vote should be legal and stand, with Scott Wyatt to represent as the Delegate of the 97th District for the 2019 November General Election.

Ann Hatchell
New Kent