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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | October 16, 2019

Editorial: Summertime advice as the temperature rises

By Andre Jones | July 3, 2019 9:18 am

It’s summertime in Charles City and New Kent and you know what that means: Traffic jams galore and the wonderful world of heat.

This editorial is going to be a simple one focusing on the combination of staying cool both figuratively and literally as we travel up-and-down the highways this summer. As those who frequent Interstate 64 in New Kent already know, that route has already seen its fair share of accidents and delays and we are only breaking ground in July. And with the advancement of technology, it appears that all of our ‘secret’ alternative routes are now gone.

But this is more of an advisory for not only when driving on the road, but in general when it comes to this summer. You are going to have to stay hydrated as the temperature begins to climb. It’s essential that water is pumped through your body as caffeine, sugary drinks, juices, and other beverages do not assist with replenishing fluids sufficient. If you travel on the road and get stuck in traffic, at least have a bottle of water stashed away or even take one out of the refrigerator prior to your departure.

We all receive the same information each year when it comes to extreme heat: Drink water, stay cool, minimize outdoor activities, and check on those who are prone to heat exhaustion. We need to continue to heed those warnings as even this current week, the heat index will hit triple digits for at least three days.

To put it simply, positioning ourselves to avoid situations where it may be dangerous will be the key in making it through the summer safely. From being aware of drivers on the highways to keeping cool, the best precautions consist of awareness and preparation. Don’t be a victim of the heat, whether it’s internal pressure from drivers on the road or the sunlight and humidity on the outside.