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Letter to the Editor: Encourages ‘no’ vote on proposed gun laws

By Community Member | July 31, 2019 1:44 pm

Gun control is a misnomer. It is about people control.

Guns are an inanimate object that cannot move or discharge by itself without being in the hands of a person in controlling of the gun.

We all know the wording of the second amendment without reciting it. But there is a phrase that apparently needs mentioning.

“Shall not be infringed.”

Webster’s definition of infringed is “not to break a law or agreement, nor to encroach upon existing law.” If Virginia’s Governor Northam and the legislators enact the laws that I understand is intended, it will be against the recognized and accepted Constitution’s second amendment and the laws of the land.

There is a process set in our Constitution under Article V for changing any part of the Constitution. I would highly recommend that this process is the only acceptable and legal means of changing or omitting any part of the Constitution and its second amendment.

When considering the number of gun owners in the United States and the number of people committing criminal acts with guns, the percentage is very, very low. Yet, it is the intent to punish me and millions like me for some act that we have not are very unlikely ever to commit with a gun.

Criminals that are willing to violate one law are very likely willing to break any other law that requires the people to turn in any guns the government requires. When the criminals are unimpeded by the risk of being opposed by a legal gun owner, there will likely be more crimes and more deaths by gun.

Please do not vote for the governor’s proposed gun control. It is an infringement upon the second amendment and unlawful act by the governor. It would prevent the honest citizen from defending themselves from the still armed criminals and a government of tyranny.

Robert Whittaker
Providence Forge