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Editorial: A self-reflection and thank you from the editor to you all

By Andre Jones | August 6, 2019 10:40 pm

There are times when a person is reminded about how much they are appreciated. So before I get into this editorial, I want to thank everybody for the kind words they bestowed on me after reading what I am doing with the Charles City High School athletic program and the attempts to bring it back to prominence.

With that said, I don’t think I can say I’m amazed by the impact I have had on the people. I guess you can say I am more moved internally with tears because it makes me think after so many years in the county that I have had a type of influence. Sometimes I reflect back on it, but the impact really hit me Tuesday night.

As with most community events, I went out to cover Charles City’s rendition of “National Night Out” for the year. As I made my way to the area, the number of people in the community out for this event only signified how Charles City can still bond despite the image and impact of our agreements and disagreements.

I began mingling with a few of the current student-athletes that I monitor before I made my way to speak with a few of my former classmates from my days as a student at Charles City High School. I was humbled by them giving me compliments and praise for doing what I am doing with the kids. Talk continued about why I missed my school’s 20-year anniversary (sorry, I needed a vacation and that was preset), but then it was a reflection of how much I have grown into the man I am today.

As I continued to make my way around Harrison Park, I ran into recent graduates from the high school that I coached who were now juniors and seniors in college. My journey led me to more of my students who were obtaining their master’s degree. I kept going and I run into more athletes who were part of my first coaching class when I first took up the occupation back in the early 2000s. Even more humbling was interacting with the parents of these student-athletes that I coached, which is just another example that they still cherish the programs that the school provides me.

For me personally, I thank the parents and student-athletes that I was allowed to coach. In today’s society, trust is a very sensitive thing and parents put the lives of their child’s hands into teachers, coaches, and administrators everyday to make the right choices in a safe, nurturing environment. Even today, my former student-athletes approach me and tell me about how much they enjoy what I am doing and even poke fun of me about my social media posts that makes them jealous.

It’s those types of interactions that make me cherish what I do. Fathoming a world where I don’t make an impact is incomprehensible. To sum it all up, I think I’ll share this tidbit with you all as I have kept this to myself for a while.

I often have dreams about moving on after I pass away and seeing God and looking into his eyes. I know that the opportunity to go to heaven is for everybody, but I have thought that if I can do things to make sure my student-athletes and others live happier lives, I will be happy to sacrifice that opportunity for their sake. Even as I type this, I am tearing up because that’s how I truly feel, but I want to make other’s lives happy.

Well, enough with the tear jerking. I’m back from vacation so you all are going to have to put up with me again until my next one, which will be a very long time more than likely.