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Editorial: Support those who are assisting with hurricane relief efforts

By Andre Jones | September 3, 2019 8:07 pm

As some of you all are reading this, you are either experiencing conditions of Hurricane Dorian or possible aftermath. While I know most of our hearts go out to those in the tropical islands and along the east coast, remember there are some of our very own people are out there assisting those who are in these areas that have been hit hard.

Disaster relief teams from our own localities and people who have giving hearts are making the trip down south to brave the torrential weather and devastating road conditions. As those people make the trip to support others, we should do a few things to assist them upon their transition back home during or after their trip. While those people are out, we can do small things such as feed their pets or cut their grass to providing meals upon their return. Just like emergency services, these people are putting their lives at risk for the benefit of others.

You don’t have to go all out in doing those things to support these people. Sometimes a phone call and text to let you know that you’re thinking about them or praying for them can be the uplifting spirit that they need. There will be times when those who went out on this journey come back and they may feel lonely or depressed upon their return home. Seeing disastrous areas and being placed in environments can have a lasting impact, so support will be key to those people transitioning back into their home environments.

In conclusion, the joint efforts to support those when they are away will be the way to assist them in making life better upon their return. Knowing that a person cares and supporting them even when they are away is the first of several steps in the right direction. Remember, it shouldn’t take a disaster to bring us together; it should make us stronger than we already are.