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Letter to the Editor: Says natural gas plant will benefit Charles City County

By Andre Jones | September 6, 2019 10:45 am

Recently, myself along with my fellow Charles City supervisors and a group of constituents were graciously offered the chance to tour Dominion Energy’s natural gas-fired power station in Greensville out of questions and concerns about a similar plant coming into the county.

What we saw was a quiet, clean, and efficient station that provides jobs and is an economic driver for the community. Dominion’s plant is a model for exactly what we want right here in Charles City with the Chickahominy Power Stations.

Greensville County expects economic benefits from their power station to be in the range of millions of dollars generated annually, while also saving customer electric costs. We could have that type of economic boost and more right here in Charles City County.

Virginia’s economy is growing at a fast pace and needs clean, reliable energy to remain competitive and continue to grow. I want Charles City to be part of and benefit from that growth.

While coal is being phased out not just here in the Richmond area and Virginia, but across the country, it’s important that we embrace our abundant natural resources that can provide us with reliable power that are at a low cost and better for our environment. The sun only shines approximately 38 percent of the time while the wind is only reliable 26 percent of the time. Until renewables are reliable to provide 100 percent of our needs as a county and country, we must make wise decisions to be able to “turn on the lights.”

With this natural gas-fired plant, we will see major benefits in pushing forward with emission reductions in Virginia while providing energy security for state residents, powering two million homes, and saving billions in ratepayer costs.

This is a project that Charles City County needs, Virginia needs, and I am proud to support its development.

Bill Coada
Charles City County Board of Supervisors