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Letter to the Editor: Says Renick presents qualities to serve as Commonwealth’s Attorney

By Community Member | October 28, 2019 4:47 pm

We write in support of our friend and fellow county citizen, Scott Renick, in his candidacy for the office of New Kent County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Only three individuals, C. Linwood Gregory, Judge Thomas B. Hoover, and W. Kendall Lipscomb, have served as New Kent County Commonwealth’s Attorney since the 1960s. That exemplifies a high degree of personal and professional commitment to public service and consistency within that office that has certainly benefitted the citizens of this county for more than 50 years. A high degree of professionalism and commitment to serve are but two of the reasons we are supporting Scott Renick’s candidacy for this important post in our county’s justice system.

We have known Mr. Renick and his family for more than 30 years. He grew up in the area and New Kent has been his home for several years. His law practice has been located in Quinton for more than 20 years. Mr. Renick has extensive experience with trials and cases similar to those that comprise the majority of the work of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Beyond his professional background and qualifications for the office, we know Mr. Renick to be a genuinely good and decent human being, a person of integrity, and a responsible citizen who actively participates in the community. We also know him as a wonderful dad to his two growing sons. His belief in the fair and appropriate administration of justice and desire to fully implement the duties of the county’s chief prosecutor are entirely consistent with his activities, participation, and commitment to promoting New Kent as a safe, decent, and attractively progressive community for his family, and all of our families to enjoy.

We are confident that Scott Renick will serve us well. We hope a majority of New Kent will join us in casting a vote for Scott Renick for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Paul and Patricia Robinson
Providence Forge