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Editorial: Your job as a voter isn’t done just yet

By Andre Jones | November 20, 2019 9:44 am

Now that election season is over, your job as a voter is not done yet.

Despite if the person that you voted for won or loss in this past election, as a citizen of your respective locality, you must follow up on who you voted for to make sure that he or she is doing their job correctly.

During the time leading up to the election season, I receive a lot of “Letters to the Editor” that reference supporting a particular person. Even after the elections of done, letters will continue to pour in that focus on why a group or person did not receive the votes that he or she needed to be successful.

I understand the purpose of these letters and this information, but the best way to get results and to see if an elected official is doing his/her job is to actually go out to meetings and to contact them. As I said in an earlier editorial, you should vote who is best for you. In order to do that, you should have a sense of who that person is and what he/she can do to benefit you.

During this past campaign, it really disturbed me to hear people at public forums prior to voting that they did not know who their local representative was in their district. It was also an embarrassment to hear fabrications about people who claim they attend every meeting that is held when in reality they don’t. A statement like that in a public forum can be detrimental and is a falsification of facts. For someone who attends a majority of meetings, I find it appalling to hear those words.

With campaigns over, it’s time for everybody to get a fresh start in making sure that Charles City and New Kent are the best communities for all to enjoy. We have elected officials that answer to the citizens, and we must make sure they are representing us. Be proactive and attend meetings if you can. If you can’t, form a group and have one person from the group attend and bring back information. The best way to stay informed is to be involved. Transparency works both ways, so make sure you can see what’s going on, and don’t be afraid to show your concerns until the last possible moments.