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Editorial: What I personally learned in the year 2019

By Andre Jones | December 26, 2019 1:12 pm

Another decade has come and gone, just like 2019. As I look back over the occurrences that took place this year, I’d thought I’d write this editorial on the things I’ve learned this year and hopefully, some of these may apply to you and help you in the transition into 2020.

1. I learned that by being patient, risks taken years ago will be well worth it. I had two instances this year that this applied to. The first was when the Chronicle decided to become a daily newspaper. The turnover of news was at a rate where it seemed feasible to get the information out quicker. The second was coming up with a viable plan to assist Charles City High School’s athletics’ program back up. Those risks yielded rewards as the newspaper continues to grow strong because of readers and advertisers, and the athletics’ program is moving in a direction that provides an outlet to student-athletes.

2. People will continue to focus on negativity instead of asking questions to view another person’s perspective. Unfortunately, we continue to live in a society that refuses to work with each other and understand each other. As a human, you don’t have to agree with everything, but when a person lays down a foundation of what he/she believes by shutting out the concept of opinions of someone else, it truly forms a one-way opinion of surroundings.

3. People still care about you, even when they don’t see you. While my jobs keep me busy, people still care how you’re doing. While I already knew this from my family, it was more of a true feeling when I didn’t attend my 20-year high school reunion. Granted I was on vacation, but to hear that others asked about me in my absence means a lot to me.

4. You can build the foundation, but it’s up to others to build up the structure. I put this in because there are times where you have to shake up things and rebuild from the ground up. You can take some of the items that were in the original structure and use them as a foundation to make them better. However, you need commitment from others to make it work. People, supporters, and communities are the determining factors. I found myself trying to guide others to build up on a foundation I helped to create but realize that only their desire will make them want to do it.

5. Finally, I continued to learn that giving to others is still a part of me. My heart only goes so far but I continue to look out for others more than myself. It’s a trait I inherited and it’s both good and bad. Still, it’s something I am going to continue to do, but I am going to use a lot more judgement and clarity because I want my investment in others to spread like a ripple effect.

To each and every one of you all, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!