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Editorial: How I am approaching COVID-19 and my thoughts about it

By Andre Jones | March 15, 2020 10:46 am

As I sit here and think, I want to make sure that I put the right words together so that I can encourage people instead of discourage people.

With each passing day, the effect of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is affecting everyday life for us all. It first started with major sporting events and was quickly followed up by local events. On Friday, all Virginia schools are closed for two weeks and now businesses are starting to lock their doors for two weeks as well.

I completely understand the decisions being made. There are attempts to prevent the spread and precautions to keep those who are infected in an isolated area. However, there is also panic in several places as well. The result includes stores changing hours and many shelves with items being taken away.

The recommendation is to keep everybody isolated for two weeks, and I expect that to change within the next couple of days and become a longer period of time. But for me, I will not panic, and I will not live in a bubble. Here’s why.

Testing kits are being developed for Americans, but their will never be enough for us all. That is currently fact, not fiction. Even with the isolation from public events and places, people are still going to go out. Being realistic, this virus is undetectable for several days. You could be at a local store or restaurant and pick it up from an unknown source. And with the rush of people heading to accumulate cleaning and sanitation supplies, it is easily understandable that it could take place.

Viruses spread, and we know that. Parents don’t want to see their kids get sick from this. The elderly are the most vulnerable and we know that they are more subject to death from this particular disease. Remember, the goal of closures is to slow the spread down, not prevent it.

But I refuse to live in fear. As I wrote in my last editorial, I am placing my faith somewhere else. Do I want to catch the virus? No. But if I an unfortunate enough to catch the virus, then so be it. I know that God will not put me in a situation that I could not handle. He said that there will be tests along the way in life as well that will challenge my faith. I believe that saying, and if it’s my time to transition into another phase of my life, then God will be ready for me. I want to be ready for God as well. I’m not perfect, but I’m not afraid as well.

Don’t let COVID-19 take away your way of living. Take precautions and prevention, but don’t panic. Pray about it and do your part. I am going to continue to take every precaution and follow advice when I do step out my house, but I cannot let it hinder who I am.

Everyday life has already changed for us and it will continue to change. Don’t be a prisoner of your changes. Remember that there will never be a perfect solution for any situation.

Stay strong. Prayer, prevention, and preparation over panic any day.