New Kent Charles City Chronicle

News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | June 1, 2020

Editorial: Staying involved in the community during times of confinement

By Andre Jones | May 5, 2020 11:14 pm

There are several ways to continue to be involved with your community during these times of confinement.

Community involvement and interaction has been some of the strongest characteristics that have defined both Charles City and New Kent County. And even though we are on a limited basis of what we can and cannot do with each other, we can still have an impact on making the jurisdictions we live in a better place.

One of the things I have noticed a lot since social distancing has been implemented is how much more interaction people are having through outdoor activities in their own yards. Cutting grass and yelling across the yard is an example of how communication worked back in my times of growing up. Other methods include walking down the road and picking up trash and saying hello along the way. It is not much but it adheres to the guidelines of social distancing and implementing a regiment of exercise.

There have been several celebrations as well during this time that highlight community engagement. Miniature birthday parades are being held for those celebrating milestone occasions, and several members of the community are engaging with graduates at both the college and high school level to show them that the Class of 2020 is cherished. I am thoroughly enjoying watching several seniors make their college declarations through activities such as t-shirt reveals, holding up signs of their institution they plan to attend, or just posting a photo with their college.

Another unique thing I am noticing is how people are taking part in fundraisers form home. During this time of the year, events such as Relay-for-Life are big in our area. Those working towards the cause have modified it where they do things such as walk around their house or on their treadmill to support the ongoing fight of cancer.

Please remember what makes Charles City and New Kent County a wonderful place to work, play, and live. While we may not have all the amenities, all the answers, or all the access that we want right now, we do have each other despite our physical separation. We all bring something special to the table to shape our area. Now, it’s time for us to shape our future together.