New Kent Charles City Chronicle

News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | June 1, 2020

Editorial: Creativity, adaptability flourishes during our current state

By Andre Jones | May 12, 2020 3:10 pm

Let’s talk about something bright that has emerged from the ongoing situation that is keeping most of the world indoors. Let’s talk about the creativity and adaptability that is taking place right now among us, even if we don’t see it.

In my recent outings to cover events, I took the time to speak with several individuals about how they are adjusting to life with the restrictions in place. Some of these individuals commented about how they were blessed to have a job despite the tough times, while another individuals commented how their business was still doing well because upper tier restaurants haven’t mastered “the art of takeout” yet. Those comments were just a snippet of tendencies of how people are perceiving the current situation.

Probably one of the most entertaining aspects that is taking place right now is how creative people during these tough times. From the “Adopt-a-Senior” campaign in Charles City and New Kent to outdoor activities that put a spin on modern Olympic contests, the imagination of individuals flow constantly, proving that we are strong enough to get through the pandemic.

One of the most creative things that I have observed during these times is the younger generation becoming more hands-on with activities that were more popular in previous decades. They are putting down the phones and picking up tools to tend gardens and work on vehicles. Yes, there were students doing this already but the rise in detail and sharing these experiences is what makes it unique.

Murals on sidewalks, painting, gardening, and writing are returning at higher rates. Despite group activities currently are limited, celebrations are continuing to be recognized. College graduates are receiving recognition from spectators sitting in vehicles, while small-size parades are being held in driveways to celebrate birthdays.

The creativity and ingenuity does not stop at individuals, as businesses have gotten into the act. From trials of starting a delivery service to curbside distribution of library materials, our local organizations are doing what it takes to meet the satisfaction of consumers. As the “re-opening” of the state begins, strategies to keep parties apart and implementing safety strategies while still keeping that social interaction are ideas that can be toyed with and made to be more fun.

Overall, it’s refreshing to see how we as individuals express our thoughts with others through creative and innovative means. While we continue to make the transition, let’s remain optimistic and remember that each one of us has a talent that we can show off to make each day that we live better for not only us, but someone else as well.