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Editorial: Think for yourself when casting your vote

By Robb Johnson | June 24, 2020 9:56 am

My thinking of this editorial comes with a simple message; you must stop letting others think for you.

The message comes as election season is here. We have an important election coming up this November as President Donald Trump looks to go against the presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

I am sick and tired of the narrative being that if you look a certain way that you must vote a certain way. The facts are that most people go into the voting booth already programmed to who they are voting for just by listening to the television and other family members without doing any real research.

The reason America continues to fail is because we are quite simply misinformed about who we are really voting for. We live in a country that has the battle lines drawn. You are either a Republican or Democrat and there is no room for compromise.

We must look at the candidates on each side and really decide what polices work to progress our families and communities. The narrative of electing who we like is outdated and stale. These politicians work for us, so we must take seriously their abilities and not what they look like or what their cool factor is.

Elections are about results, and some results can and will have consequences. Voting is a right and that right is basically thrown out the window wen people do not have the ability to think for themselves.

The time for hoping and wishing is no longer feasible. We must do better overall when it comes to voting and researching our candidates.
Be independent-minded. Do not let others influence you because you cannot think for yourself in a logical way. When you give others the power to manipulate your brain, then there is no coming back from that.

As they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.