New Kent Charles City Chronicle

News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | August 14, 2020

Editorial: Stop blending the Coronavirus pandemic with politics

By Robb Johnson | July 14, 2020 11:17 pm

The politics of this Coronavirus must stop, and it must stop now.

Things are getting out of hand with people thinking that the virus is not real. The virus is real, and it will kill you if people continue to be ignorant.

I am not here to debate how the virus got here. The time for conspiracy theories is not appropriate. We can handle that after things have cleared up. I say that meaning that if people were responsible for intentionally doing this, they should be held accountable to the highest of the highest in the justice system.

Now let’s get to the point at hand. I support anybody that feels their rights are being infringed on. Some people feel like they are being treated like children by their own government. However, folks, we are proving that some of us really cannot think for ourselves across all racial and political lines.

There was a time you could ride in the back of an open cab on a pickup truck and you could do it with no issues or no problems. But then laws had to be enforced because it was dangerous. The law tells you to wear a seat belt for a reason, so that you will not go through the window if you are in an accident. These are two small examples of why the law must come in and tell people what to do.

We elect officials to office, and we expect them to do their jobs, no matter what party they come from of what they think of us. It is their job to protect us.

The masks, ladies and gentlemen, are not being worn by people. We have a disturbing amount of people who seem to think it’s an issue to cover their face. We have people claiming to be free and they have their rights. However, their right to die is increasing by not understanding that the world has been plagued by pandemics before. You can research the beginning of time and see that the world has been dealing with certain diseases for a long time.

The current climate mixed in with the All Lives Matter versus the Black Lives Matter issue. The truth is that no lives matter. The only thing that matters is green paper, a debit, or credit card. I say this because while you all are out here fighting for things and issues that will never be solved, we live in a world where no one will fully agree. Where we want to live in is a fantasy world. In a year, we will be on to the next issue where it makes everyone ticked off and is a “flavor of the month” headline. The cycle continues as usual if you really watch the trends. The real issues will never be addressed.

We need to be focused on coming together as one people, protecting each other by wearing masks, distancing ourselves six feet apart, and defeating the evil that has entered our world. We need to focus on holding the proper people accountable for this down the line, and we do not know if this just happened or not.

You can question how it got here and I get it. But for the time being, we must get things under control. I simply have to say that with all due respect, just wear the mask. The masks will save lives and the economy.