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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | August 14, 2020

Editorial: Don’t let hiatus on high school fall sports stifle your goals

By Robb Johnson | July 27, 2020 11:19 am

This upcoming fall, we will not have high school football in Charles City or New Kent. For people outside of the sporting community, this seems small and not such a big deal.

However, it is a huge deal from my perspective because I look forward to the fall air, snapping photographs, and hearing the roars from the crowd. The smell of the grass, the goosebumps as a journalist knowing that for the next few hours everything will be blocked out as you cover a special event with people on the field and stands that are dedicated to making the night and memories as special as they can be. This is like as addiction that needs a fix.

While the season has been delayed, my advice to the athletes is to continue working hard and you will accomplish those dreams. As far as we know, the world is not ending tomorrow. The goal should be to continue to make things happen, show discipline that you gained on the field and translate that into making yourself better in the classroom and hopefully the next level.

Friday nights this fall will not be easy for a lot of us. It is not just a game; it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that most of us has loved since we were younger, whether as a player or a fan.

When this is all over, the fans need to come back stronger than ever. I do not want to see empty seats at any sporting events. What we love has been taken away. When we get it back, let’s never take it for granted again.

Furthermore, it is okay to be upset and sad. That is a natural human emotion. I understand that times are tough right now and it will not get any easier as those kickoff times are met with silence and empty stands.

To the athletes, know that we are proud and resilient. You all will rise from this and will be more grateful than ever to experience the gridiron and all the joy and happiness that it brings.