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Letter to the Editor: Says history of the country has been villainized

By Community Member | September 25, 2020 11:12 am

Our nation’s history is a source of fascination and inspiration to me. The more I study the people, events, and miraculous occurrence that shaped our past, the more I realize that America is exceptional!

Events of the last several months have left me brokenhearted. Tunnel vision narratives that have distorted our nation’s heritage and villainized many of our country’s greatest leaders by focusing solely on their faults. This has contributed to many vitriolic and destructive rampages throughout our country. Mobs have sought to demolish monuments and eradicate references honoring the same people whom I firmly recognize and humbly revere as instrumental in the creation of our county and whose efforts implemented and perpetuated our sacred liberties.

How rare and precious are the freedoms we enjoy, as advanced by our founding fathers and which myriads have since fought and died for. Though acquired decades later for Blacks, such freedoms were in fact ultimately acquired. Many wholly disregard the immense progress our country has made and perpetuate the fallacious idea that America is inherently racist.

Likewise, regularly disregarded from America’s history textbooks are references to several miracles that played an inestimable role in the creation of our country and liberties. The events that comprised Lincoln’s resolve to issue the Emancipation Proclamation demonstrate divine intervention. The face that Lincoln looked to God in this controversial matter is greatly omitted. The miraculous finding of Lee’s “Special Orders No. 191,” which contributed to the Union’s victory at Antietam provided the answer to Lincoln’s prayer on how to address the long-perplexing, nation-dividing subject of slavery, remains commonly marginalized.

America continues to face innumerable divisive issues. It is imperative that we holistically learn history and humbly look to God for his desperately needed, miraculous assistance.

Heather Donbrosky
New Kent