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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | February 26, 2021

Editorial: The three things that living through COVID-19 has taught me

By Robb Johnson | February 16, 2021 5:29 pm

Since COVID-19 started last year, it has taught me that only so many things will benefit myself and the people around me in the future.

The first thing I have learned is patience. Patience is key with all of us for the simple fact that we can’t control everything around us. We can only go so fast before we are slowed down by the forces of nature. Life is not guaranteed and we are all on borrowed time. I had to understand that when going through the daily grind. It is okay to step back at times and admire the fact that I am living, breathing, and healthy.

We take the small things for granted. It’s a natural human reaction to feel that way, especially when doing the everyday hustle and bustle. We must show patience with life. It is sometimes unforgiving. When going through life and going too fast, eventually things will catch up with you whether you want them or not.

The second lesson I learned is to listen more. We all have egos and want to be right most of the time. This is another natural human trait. The key is finding different resources that can offer advice while we sit back and soak in information. In life, there will always be someone smarter, but they are willing to sacrifice who thinks they are right for who can get it right. We can all feel like we are right in any situation. However, who is going to provide the concrete answers that create solutions? Therefore, it is important to be a team player, especially in the workplace. You may have the title, but without a team to help you, then you are nothing more than a person with a title and no substance to back it up. An individual’s ability to be unselfish cannot only make or break your work life, but your family and personal life as well. Keep that in mind when you have all the answers.

The final lesson I learned is simply this; if you are not harming anyone else or putting them in any compromising positions, then you are to live your life your way. Do what makes you happy. Being you and having an extra laugh or smile a day will only bring happiness to your life. I promise you, living through other people’s expectations will only bring yours down You get up everyday for yourself and no one else.

You can only get one shot at life. Stop wasting it and live it. You have goals to accomplish and things to do that you have been putting off. There are no limits when it comes to achieving your goals. Go out today and make things happen.