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Lanexa man slammed with decade long prison sentence after abduction, attack on ex-girlfriend

By Andre Jones | February 27, 2017 5:52 pm

A Lanexa man who held an ex-girlfriend against her will for nine hours will spend the next 10 years incarcerated in prison.

Lee Alden Mooney, 50, of the 13000 block of Stage Road, was sentenced on one count each of assault and battery (third offense), abduction, and strangulation during Monday morning proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court.

During an Oct. 17, 2016, contested trial, the victim testified that she found out about Mooney’s infidelity after seeing communication between him and former girlfriends. The victim told Mooney that she wanted to end the relationship.

The defendant refused to let the victim leave the house in what would result in nine hours of surveillance by Mooney. During that time, the victim said Mooney held her up by the neck, headbutted her, and slapped her on her legs. The victim said she was able to escape momentarily by locking the defendant outside when they went for a smoke break, but indicated Mooney got back into the house through an unlocked window. She also said that the defendant sat in front of the door in a chair and guarded it all night as the victim went to sleep around 5 a.m.

At approximately 7:20 a.m., the victim awoke to see Mooney asleep. After stepping onto the porch abd noticing the defendant wasn’t in pursuit, she got into her vehicle, proceeding to a relative’s house where authorities were called. Deputies testified at the trial that injuries were sustained by the victim and a forensic nurse confirmed that those injuries were consistent with her statement given to the police.

Defense attorney Melissa Guthridge argued at the trial that there was no timeframe on when the injuries occurred and that the victim’s statement of being unable to talk contradicted an earlier statement about her inability to breathe. However, Judge B. Elliott Bondurant sided with the Commonwealth with powerful statements at the contested trial.

“The victim couldn’t even go to the bathroom without this man looking over her shoulder,” the judge said. “The one thing that showed me that this was an abduction was when the victim managed to get away but the defendant climbed through the window. This was an assault that occurred a number of times throughout the night.”

Mooney received a 10-year sentence with three years suspended (seven to serve) on the abduction charge. He will also serve three years of active time (two years suspended) on the assault and battery of a family member (third offense) conviction. All five years on the strangulation charge were suspended.

In other circuit court matters:

–Phillip Arthur Schutz, 48, of the 3500 block of North Woodland Circle, Quinton, accepted a plea agreement and entered a guilty plea to a single count of misdemeanor driving revoked (third offense) within 10 years (originally charged with driving revoked after a DUI conviction-second offense). In a summary of evidence, a deputy was about to turn onto Pocahontas Trail (Route 60) when he noticed a vehicle turn past him. The officer recognized the vehicle as one belonging to Schutz and knew from past interactions that Schutz had his license revoked. The deputy proceeded to the defendant’s home and questioned him if he was driving the vehicle. Schutz admitted to the officer he did and was placed into custody.

Under the plea deal, he received a 12-month sentence with 10 months suspended (two months of active time).

–Eric Hamilton Sluder, 29, of the 5300 block of Adams Road, Quinton, accepted a plea deal and entered a guilty plea to a single count of possession of cocaine. In a summary of evidence, on June 18, 2016, a deputy responded to the Valero gas station in Quinton after receiving information about a driver slumped over the steering wheel. Upon arriving, the deputy noticed the driver asleep while the vehicle was running. After turning the car off, the deputy removed the driver and searched the vehicle, noticing a cigarette box with a white powdery substance inside. Sluder, the driver, was convicted of driving under the influence in general district court and an analysis of the powder came out positive for cocaine.

Under the plea agreement, Sluder received a 10-year sentence with all time suspended, but will be on probation over that period. However, the defendant will serve 30 days in jail after he violated his pretrial probation.

–Damian Wilson, 22, of Henrico Jail East, entered a guilty plea to an amended charge of misdemeanor assault and battery (originally assault and battery on a law enforcement officer). The defendant was accused of striking another individual during an altercation on Jan. 15. Under the agreement, he received a 12 month sentence with all but one month suspended.

–Traci Lynn Winkle, 29, of Charles City, will serve three months in jail as part of formal sentencing as part of a Dec. 12 plea agreement. At that trial, testimony revealed that the defendant was driving erratically on Route 60 and was pulled over by a New Kent deputy. A subsequent search revealed the defendant had methadone and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Winkle entered guilty pleas to possession of methadone, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor DUI (first offense), and misdemeanor driving revoked.

Winkle was sentenced to five years in jail with all but three months suspended on the possession of methadone charge. A total of 210 days were suspended on the three misdemeanor charges but she has to pay $550 in total fines. She will also have to serve 10 days in jail for a violation of her bail awaiting trial.