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Charles City man to serve two years in jail for stealing boat motors

By Andre Jones | November 14, 2017 3:14 pm

A Charles City man who stole boat motors and intended to sell them will serve two years in jail.

Dallis Leno Wallace Jr., 49, of the 7800 block of Lewis Tyler Lane, received formal sentencing during Nov. 14 proceedings in Charles City Circuit Court.

As Wallace’s contested trial in September, Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Tyler presented evidence that Wallace stole boat engines last April from Christian Hager. Wallace attempted to sell the motors to John Hoffmeyer, who notified the police of suspicious activity when he noticed the cables on the motors were cut. More evidence presented pointed to Wallace committing the crimes, with Judge B. Elliott Bondurant convicting him on one felony charge each of grand larceny, intent to sell stolen property, and felony destruction of property.

During sentencing, Bondurant reviewed both sentencing guidelines and approximately 30 letters presented on behalf of the defense.

“Mr. Wallace, reading these letters and hearing from interactions from both the Commonwealth and your attorney is that you are a good man,” Bondurant said as he addressed the defendant. “From everything I read you do good work, you’re well-skilled, and you care for your family.

“But I also have to take into account your criminal history,” the judge continued. “You don’t have a good record at all. You are a good man by what I read but you have some bad habits you have to break.”

Wallace received a 20-year sentence with 18 years suspended on the grand larceny charge. All 20 years on the intent to sell stolen property and all five years on the felony destruction of property charge were suspended.

In another case, a Charles City man will serve one month in jail for torturing an animal that resulted in its death.

John Henry Thompson II, 31, received formal sentencing that stemmed to a June 12, 2015 incident. Thompson’s trial took place in Dec. 2015 where he admitted guilt to picking up a kitten and slamming it on the floor several times breaking its neck. Thompson was ordered to the VA Hospital for mental evaluation but did not complete the programs that were necessary as part of a plea deal that would have reduced his crime to a misdemeanor.

Thompson received a five-year sentence with all but one month suspended on the torture charge. He was also sentenced to time served for contempt of court for not completing his mental evaluation procedure.