New Kent Charles City Chronicle

News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | November 21, 2018

Loan of $28 million for new school among recommendations in New Kent’s Capital Improvement Plan

By Robb Johnson | November 21, 2017 3:04 pm

A loan for the construction of a New Elementary School accounts for the majority of funds to be used as part of a 2018-19 fiscal year Capital Improvement Plan proposal for New Kent County.

County administrator Rodney Hathaway proposed a recommended CIP totaling $31 million to the county’s planning commission at Monday night’s meeting. Of that amount, approximately $28 million will be a loan for the construction of a New Kent Elementary School. New Kent County schools have lobbied for the new building with a projected enrollment increase starting to take form. Hathaway commented that along with the loan, grants will be sought to assist with the construction of the new school. Other school projects recommended by Hathaway include bus replacement ($486,445), trailers for the elementary schools ($122,557), digital conversion for the One-to-One learning initiative ($100,000), and miscellaneous projects ($85,000). The county administrator did not favor a $300,000 request for the replacement of a concession stand at the high school.

New Kent Fire and Rescue received a recommendation of $712,251 from Hathaway for three projects. The replacement of Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA) as mandated by governmental regulations will cost $398,251. The replacement of an ambulance is pegged at $250,000, and an upgrade to the fire station alert system will cost $64,000.

A third item that will take its first steps to existence is the construction of a new park. Pine Fork Park was first proposed in early 2015 with a concept design accepted in September 2015. Hathaway recommended $330,000 to hire consulting services for a master plan of the facility and also to begin its development.

Other major items recommended as part of the $31 million proposal include an environmental assessment for New Kent Airport ($300,000), a firearms range for New Kent Sheriff’s Office ($250,000), replacement of sheriff’s vehicles ($245,000), and infrastructure replacement of technology in the campus network ($100,000).

The public utilities CIP recommendation of $2,518,495 projects include $1.3 million for sludge disposal, $300,000 for a water storage tank replacement, $250,000 for a backup water supply well for Sherwood Estates, a backup well for Bottoms Bridge Cary Road ($155,000), and well-pump replacement for Parham Landing. The public utilities budget is not included in the $31 million overall figure, as all projects are funded by fees and taxpayer dollars.

Public hearings are expected to take place at both a future meeting of the board’s planning commission as well as the county supervisors’ regularly scheduled meeting.