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Falsifying returns net Richmond man three-month jail sentence

By Andre Jones | January 8, 2018 2:00 pm

A Richmond man who stole money from his job during a four-month span will serve three months in jail.

Joshua Davon Livingston, 29, of the 3100 block of Cofer Road, agreed to terms of a plea deal as part of Jan. 8 proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court.

In a summary of evidence provided by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Del Rossi, beginning Apr. 1, 2017, Livingston worked in a managerial position at Advanced Auto Parts in Bottoms Bridge Virginia. While in that position, the defendant began to falsify returns and pocket the excess cash. An investigation by the regional manager and New Kent Sheriff’s Office led to the defendant confessing to the wrongdoings. Livingston said in a written statement to authorities that he and a few others were involved in the scheme that lasted to July 2017.

Under the plea agreement, Livingston received a five-year sentence with four years, nine months suspended (three months to serve). He must also pay restitution int he amount of $6,500.

In other circuit court cases:

–Sarah Elizabeth Hodges, 23, of the 100 block of Kings Pond Drive, Quinton entered a guilty plea to possession of cocaine as part of a plea deal.

In a summary of evidence, on June 24, 2017, a New Kent deputy responded to a call of an apparent heroin overdose. When the deputy arrived, Hodges and her boyfriend at the time of the offense were discovered downstairs. The deputy asked Hodges for her identification and she went upstairs to retrieve it with the officer escorting her. Upon entering the defendant’s room, the deputy noticed a spon with residue in his site that resembled heroin. Hodges was arrested and a lab analysis confirmed the deputy’s suspicion of heroin.

Under the agreement, no formal finding was rendered as the defendant will enter the first offender’s program under the terms of the plea deal.

–Shayna Elizabeth Hudgins, 21, received formal sentencing after violating the terms of her first offender’s status program. During a Jan. 23, 2017 trial, Hudgins accepted a plea deal where she admitted that she tried to flush Adderal pills down the toilet after being confronted by a coworker while employed at Farmer’s Daughter. The defendant, however, tested positive for a number of illegal drugs while in the first offender’s program.

Hudgins was sentenced to five years in jail with all time suspended.