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New Kent Planning Commission hears first pitch for tactical training facility in Barhamsville

By Robb Johnson | May 22, 2018 10:56 am

New Kent’s Planning Commission received its first look at a proposed private driving and training facility to the Barhamsville area.

Curtis Security Group made the proposal at Monday evening’s meeting to the commission. n

Curtis Security Group president Kaitlin Curtis and consultant Chip Larkin presented an overview of the facility to commissioners. According to the presentation, the facility will allow government agencies, military units, law enforcement officers, and corporate entities to utilize the facility.
The premises will serve as a training ground as well for possible situations. Opening the area could result in the hiring of 15 to 20 people.

The group also expanded on points of interest that most people raise issues when it comes to training facilities. The presentation said that noise levels will be tested to make sure neighboring buildings wouldn’t be affected. Other issues included traffic, environmental factors, and the aesthetics of the facility.

Curtis said the facility will bring around 120 people to the facility each day, an average of 50 cars. The facility will have the grounds well-kept, with a fence surrounding the premises and will be electrified to prevent any mischief of illegal entry.

Commissioners raised concerns over the noise, with many wanting additional testing if high-powered weapons during training exercises. The board did not take any action nor schedule a public hearing as of this time in effort to allow the company to bring in more data on the range before issuing a conditional use permit.