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Curtis Security Group representatives defend tactical training facility proposal for Barhamsville

By Andre Jones | June 27, 2018 11:50 am

At most New Kent Board of Supervisors’ work sessions, usually a dozen people show up as county leaders handle normal items and conduct discussions. But at Wednesday morning’s meeting, a near-capacity audience filled the room to hear Curtis Security’s Group first pitch for a tactical training facility.

Representatives from Curtis Security Group sat in front of county supervisors for the first time to explain the concepts of the tactical training facility. Since its initial presentation to the county’s planning commission in May, the group says it has been criticized and opponents of the proposed training facility have misinterpreted information.

A presentation presented to supervisors looked to clear up misconceptions of the facility. Curtis representatives’ Powerpoint presentation identified areas that have been brought to their attention in regards to concerns. According to the presentation, no bombs, .50 caliber cartridges, tanks, helicopters, or machine guns will be used at the facility. However, semi-automatic weapons will be used.

In relation to safety and noise, the organization is proposing to build into the ground roughly five to six feet. The plans also call for a steel plate to be installed to catch bullets and minimize ricochets. Noise level tests are expected to occur next week according to Curtis representatives.

Representatives also pointed out an argument presented by Charles Karow at June’s planning commission meeting. At that meeting, Karow presented a map of projected impact of the tactical facility in Barhasmville. Representatives said that Karow’s presentation demonstrated an open facility, whereas their facility is going to be enclosed.

With many opponents wearing orange in opposition and Curtis Security Group representatives completing their presentation, supervisors asked questions to feel out the applicants’ proposal.

“How many people can be here at one time?” questioned District 4 representative Ron Stiers.

The applicants said that approximately 15 people could use the range at once, with four ranges being proposed to start with an additional fifth range being added later, bringing that total to 75. However, Curtis Security representatives also said that the facility will also have classes, off-road course driving, and on-road course driving. The applicants also said that the most people they have had at one of their facilities in a day was 65, but the capacity for the one they are proposing for the Barhamsville facility is 120 people.

After hearing the information, chairman Thomas Evelyn commented that they want to gain more information.

“I want to have a few contacts from other people who have facilities,” said Evelyn. “You say there are only four to five of these in the country.

“This is going to take some time and I want to make sure I can gather as much information as I can because I know there will be questions in the future,” the chairman concluded.

More talks of the proposed tactical training facility are expected to arise at New Kent’s Planning Commission’s July 16 monthly meeting.