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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | April 26, 2019

Teenager to serve time in juvenile detention for drug deal gone bad in New Kent

By Andre Jones | October 15, 2018 10:22 pm

In a drug robbery attempt gone wrong, a Charles City teenager will serve time in the Department of Juvenile Justice after accepting terms of a plea agreement Monday afternoon in New Kent Circuit Court.

Isaac Tyrell Sturdivant, 18, of the 19000 block of Turk Drive, entered guilty pleas to an amended charge of shooting into an occupied vehicle (originally use of a firearm in commission of a felony), attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

In a summary of evidence provided by Commonwealth’s Attorney Linwood Gregory, student at Bridging Communities Career and Technical Center overhead Sturdivant talking about a drug deal that when awry on Apr. 8. Sturdivant along with a number of other people had made arrangements to purchase marijuana from Brock Richards. However, the group had met up in a cul-de-sac and devised a plan to rob the victim. When Richards discovered what was going on, he hopped into his vehicle and sped off westbound towards the Hanover County border. Sturdivant, an occupant of one of the vehicles, pulled out a rifle and shot into Richards’ car. Officers used the information obtained for the investigation and Sturdivant confessed to the crimes he had committed.

Under the plea deal, Sturdivant received 10-year sentences on each of the felony charges with all time suspended. He will, however, remain in the Department of Juvenile Justice until the age of 21 and then be placed on probation for 30 years.

In other Monday morning circuit court matters:

–David Lee Drake, 19, currently of Henrico Jail East, entered guilty pleas to two amended charges of misdemeanor assault and battery (originally assault on a law enforcement officer) and misdemeanor indecent exposure.

In a summary of evidence, on Mar. 23 Drake was in a group session of Henrico Jail East’s RISE program when he began masturbating in front of other inmates. Officers escorted the defendant down to the medical unit for observation. Drake began to pull away and a struggle ensued, resulting in the defendant kicking one officer and ripping the shirt of another. Officers were able to restrain the defendant in a chair and calm the situation down.

Drake received 12-month sentences with six months suspended (six months active) on each of the assault and battery convictions. He received a 12-month sentence with all but two months suspended on the indecent exposure conviction.

–Alfredo Joa Guardado-Orellana, 40, of the 4600 block of Southwood Parkway, Richmond received formal sentencing on one charge of grand larceny stemming from a July 9 contested trial. At that trial, the defendant was found guilty of stealing an iPhone from Sheila White on March 20 as she worked in 7-Eleven.

Guardado-Orellana received a five-year jail sentence with all but one month suspended on the grand larceny conviction. He has already paid $250 in restitution for the offense.

–Sierra Jean Heiden, 23, of the 11000 block of Waterview Drive, Chester, entered guilty pleas to an amended charge of misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor (originally felony child abuse), misdemeanor DUI with a child in a car (first offense), and misdemeanor reckless driving.

In a summary of evidence, on July 20 around 8:30 p.m., a New Kent officer operating radar detected a dark-colored vehicle traveling on Route 60 west (Pocahontas Trail) at 88 miles per hour in a posted 55 miles per hour near Providence Forge. After initiating a traffic stop, the odor of alcohol was detected on the driver, now identified as Heiden. Inside of the vehicle was also a child under the age of 17 sitting in the back seat. The defendant failed a field sobriety test and results from a blood sample revealed a blood-alcohol content level of .12, more than one-and-a-half times the legal limit.

Heiden received a six-month sentence on the DUI with a child charge with all but five days suspended (with the five days being a mandatory minimum under state law). All six months on the contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge were suspended. She must also pay $1,500 in fines on the DUI charge (with $750 suspended), a $350 fine on the reckless driving conviction, and $50 to the Trauma Fund.

–Walice Lee Lewis, 51, of 5 Seminole Drive, Apt. M, Portsmouth, entered guilty pleas to an amended charge of felony failure to appear, misdemeanor driving as a habitual offender (originally felony driving as a habitual offender), misdemeanor DUI (first offense), and misdemeanor violation of pretrial.

In a summary of evidence, on Mar. 10 around 9:25 a.m., a Virginia State trooper responded to a single car crash on Interstate 64 near mile marker 213. The trooper arrived and discovered a black Cobalt in the tree with Lewis identified as the driver. The officer detected the faint odor of alcohol and observed slurred speech of Lewis. The defendant admitted to the trooper his license was suspended and that he had a 16-ounce can of beer. He violated conditions of his pretrial services on June 14 and failed to appear for his court date on Sept. 10.

Lewis received 12-month sentences on each the driving as a habitual offender and DUI convictions. He will serve 30 days in jail on the felony failure to appear charge and received an active five days to serve on the pretrial violation. He must also pay $500 in fines.

–Tiffany Monae Quarles, 32, of the 1300 block of Fisherman Road, Norfolk, entered a straight guilty plea to an amended charge of misdemeanor distribution of marijuana less than one-half ounce (originally felony distribution of marijuana.)

In a summary of evidence, on Dec. 24, 2017 at 6:11 p.m., a Virginia State Trooper pulled over a vehicle traveling 87 miles per hour in a posted 70 miles per hour zone on Interstate 64. The driver, identifies as Quarles, told the officer she didn’t have a license. During the conversation, the trooper detected a slight odor of alcohol and marijuana. The defendant passed the sobriety test, but the officer advised her that he would conduct a search of the vehicle due to the smell of marijuana. Quarles responded by confessing that she had marijuana in a jar inside her car and intended to give it as a Christmas gift.

Quarles was sentenced to 12 months in jail on the conviction with eight months suspended (four months to serve).

–Garrett Christian Rigsby, 19, of the 5600 block of Buckhunt Lane, New Kent, entered a straight guilty plea to possession of a controlled substance.

In a summary of evidence, just after 2 p.m. on Feb. 9 New Kent Sheriff’s Office received a call of a possible drug overdose. When arriving on scene, the defendant had overdosed on mushrooms mixed with drugs. The victim was transported to the hospital and confessed to digesting the mushrooms and buying them from a flower shop. A search of the defendant’s residence revealed a bag of mushrooms located inside of his closet and some in a laundry bag.

A presentence report is being prepared on Rigsby with formal sentencing scheduled for Jan. 28, 2019.