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Two years imposed on man who stole car, crashed into New Kent residence

By Andre Jones | December 18, 2018 12:11 pm

A former Newport News man who stole a car that eventually crashed into a New Kent home will serve two years in jail.

Brandon Ralfel Robinson, 30, formerly of the 700 block of Topsider Court, was formally sentenced on one charge each of felony eluding of police, driving revoked, failing to report an accident, and reckless driving during proceedings Monday in New Kent Circuit Court.

On Oct. 15, Robinson had a contested trial that stemmed from an incident on Mar. 17, 2017. During that trial, evidence presented by Commonwealth’s Attorney Linwood Gregory indicated that Robinson led a high-speed chase that began in James City County that eventually ended up in New Kent. Reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour, Robinson pulled off on Barham Road to elude the officer. Video footage displayed the car rolling towards a home, striking it while there was no driver inside. After months of detective work, the incident was traced back to Robinson who was arrested.

Robinson received a five-year jail sentence with three years suspended on the felony eluding of police conviction (two years to serve). All 12 months on both the misdemeanor driving revoked and misdemeanor failing to report an accident, as well as all six months on the misdemeanor reckless driving were suspended.

In several other trials conducted during proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court:

–Marvin Jamaal Banks, 42, of the 100 block of San Barbara Drive, Hampton, received formal sentencing on one grand larceny conviction. He was found not guilty of burglary after further evidence was presented through documents presented by lawyers.

On Oct. 23, Banks was convicted during a contested trial. During that trial, evidence presented that on Jan. 3, a New Kent deputy noticed a vehicle pulling out of the Crestwicke Subdivision that was in development with appliances on the back of it. The deputy executed a traffic stop, inquiring about the items before letting the defendant go. After the deputy returned to the property to investigate and received more information from the developer, he went to the residence of Banks and the defendant was subsequently arrested.

Banks received a 10-year jail sentence with seven years, six months suspended (two years, six months to serve).

–Mark Thomas Clementi Jr., 35, of the 10000 block of Old Town Lane, New Kent, entered guilty pleas to one count each of driving suspended and felony failure to appear.

In a summary of evidence, a New Kent Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed a vehicle traveling on Courthouse Road pull to the side and slow in an intersection, apparently allowing other cars to pass it. When the deputy got closer the vehicle abruptly returned to the roadway before getting on Interstate 64. After following the vehicle and noticing it driving erratically, the officer conducted a traffic stop. After Clementi was identified, he confessed to the officer that he was driving revoked that stemmed from DUI charges. The defendant was subsequently arrested.

A presentence report is being prepared with formal sentencing scheduled for Mar. 4. Sentencing guidelines recommend a term of one year (mandatory minimum) to one year, two months.

–Dev’ron Lemar Cowles, 21, of the 5700 block of Centerville Road, Williamsburg, accepted a plea deal and entered guilty pleas to one count each of attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. The use of a firearm in a felony charge was dropped as part of the agreement.

In a summary of evidence, on Apr. 8, Cowles was part of an attempt to rob Brock Richards during a drug deal gone bad. On that night, Cowles had blocked the victim’s car to prevent it from getting away. When Richards was able to escape inside his car, Cowles remained at the victim’s residence and stole items. When officers were notified of Cowles’ actions, he was arrested and told officers he knew of the robbery of drugs but didn’t want to take part in it.

Under the agreement, Cowles received a 10-year jail sentence with seven years, six months suspended (two years, six months to serve) on the attempted robbery conviction. All 10 years on the conspiracy to commit robbery charge were suspended.

–Irvin W. Holsapple III, 58, of the 8000 block of Dunwoody Road, Mechanicsville, entered guilty pleas to one count each of possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance (methamphetamine) and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

In a summary of evidence, on Apr. 19 a school resource officer noticed a man in the parking lot of George Watkins Elementary School looking in his car for something. When the deputy approached the defendant (who had sat back in his vehicle), the officer noticed sweating and the scent of marijuana. After a search of the vehicle, the deputy discovered a small bag of marijuana and hyperbolic needles with crystalized liquid inside of them. A lab report revealed the substance in the needles as methamphetamine. Holsapple was subsequently arrested.

Holsapple has been placed in the first offender program on the felony charge. All 12 months on the misdemeanor possession charge were suspended.

–Carsheeka Chantel Kimbrough, 25, of the 2300 block of Bainbridge, Richmond, will serve four years in prison after receiving formal sentencing on a lone conviction of grand theft auto.

On Oct. 22, Kimbrough was found guilty during a contested trial. During that trial, evidence revealed that on June 16, she and a juvenile were in a vehicle that was stolen from a hotel party in Richmond. Kimbrough said at that trial that she drove the vehicle but did not know it was stolen at the time.

Along with the four active years, Kimbrough had six years suspended on her sentence.

–Travis Benjamin Littlejohn, 33, of the 4800 block of 8th Northeast, Washington D.C., accepted a plea deal to one count of felony child neglect and misdemeanor reckless driving.

In a summary of evidence, on Aug. 28, a Virginia State Trooper observed a Mercedes traveling on Interstate 64 at 104 miles per hour in a posted 70-miles per hour zone. After a traffic stop was initiated and Littlejohn was identified as the driver, the trooper noticed two small children in the back of the vehicle, triggering the neglect charge.

Under the agreement, all five years on the felony child neglect charge were suspended. The defendant will serve 10 days of a 90-day sentence on the reckless driving charge and pay a fine of $500.

–Ryan James Sullivan, 27, of the 6500 block of Spruce Road, Quinton, accepted a plea deal to one count of possession of a controlled substance (Fentanyl).

In a summary of evidence, on Mar. 31, a New Kent deputy responded to the defendant’s home where he allegedly overdosed on the substance. After using four cans of Narcan, Sullivan was revived and told defendants what he had done. A search of the premises discovered the substance.

Under the agreement, Sullivan received a six-year sentence with all time suspended, but he must pay a fine of $500.