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Presentation made for relocation of New Kent Post Office

By Andre Jones | January 30, 2019 11:51 am

With New Kent County’s population booming at an astounding rate, it only becomes more obvious that additional services will be needed for county residents. One of those services includes providing mail to citizens. A proposal by United States Postal Service (USPS) real estate representative Richard Hancock looked to addressed that issue.

Hancock spoke with New Kent supervisors Wednesday morning about the possibility of relocating the New Kent Post Office to another location. The office is currently located near New Kent’s Courthouse Complex on New Kent Highway.

“The post office is undersized and the influx of mail has nearly doubled,” said Hancock. “We are looking for alternatives as well as a possible new location.”

USPS leases the current New Kent post office building. According to Hancock, USPS is looking to find a pre-existing building that is at least 2,000 square feet, has 17 parking spaces, and can accommodate a large amount of mail. USPS is currently receiving input about the proposal.

“New Kent needs a larger facility and be close to the current location,” the representative continued, pointing to how other post offices nearby service residents. “Expansion is nearly impossible on the current building due to the property line and the age of the building.”

Supervisors questioned Hancock on several issues. District 3 representative Patricia Paige inquired about the possibility of a distribution center.

“Why can’t we have a distribution center and then just have clerks at the other post offices in the county?” she asked. “Right now, the citizens are more concerned about getting the mail and not the building.”

Hancock responded, saying that he is directed by upper management to look at locations for a possible facility and that his supervisors have already made that decision. But Paige, along with District 4 leader Ron Stiers also had problems with the current buildings.

“Providence Forge [post office] is in a more worse condition than New Kent’s,” Stiers said, pointing to closures due to heating and plumbing issues. “Two years ago they had to send six employees home due to the conditions.”

Hancock commented that he understood the concern of supervisors, but his primary objective was to open discussions about a New Kent location.

“We are looking at all alternatives and if a new building was constructed, there would be a long term lease by USPS,” he concluded.

Citizens were able to meet with Hancock after his presentation. Concerns and questions about the proposal may be inquired at New Kent’s Administration Office, at the local post office, or through the United States Postal Service website,