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Teenager receives two years after pleading guilty to attempted robbery in New Kent

By Andre Jones | February 11, 2019 4:32 pm

A Quinton teenager who was involved in a robbery gone bad pled guilty to several felony charges during Monday afternoon proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court.

Ryan Anthony Schutz, 19, of the 5300 block of Hemlock Road, entered guilty pleas to one count each of malicious shooting at a vehicle, firearm larceny, an amended charge of attempted robbery (originally robbery of a residence), grand larceny, and credit card larceny. Three charges of misdemeanor entering into a vehicle, and one charge each of conspiracy to commit robbery, shooting from a vehicle with a firearm, use of a firearm in commission of a felony, possession of a firearm on school grounds, and misdemeanor petty larceny were dropped.

In a summary of evidence provided by Commonwealth’s Attorney Linwood Gregory, Schutz was part of a number of people in a planned robbery during the months of March and April of 2018. During that time, Schutz went into vehicles in the Quinton Park subdivision and stole a firearm belonging to Bryant Lipford, a tactical backpack belonging to Enrique Pena II, and a Suntrust Card belonging to Richard Ferrell Jr. In April, along with several co-defendants, Schutz was part of a group attempting to rob Brock Richards during a drug deal gone bad. When Richards fled by driving away, Schutz was the driver of one vehicles in pursuit. Through surveillance film and months of investigation, a New Kent detective located Schutz’s vehicle driving down the road and conducted a traffic stop. With a warrant in the process, the detective searched the vehicle and discovered many items stolen including the credit card. Schutz along with the other co-defendants confessed to their crimes.

Under the plea agreement, Schutz received a 10-year jail sentence with eight years suspended (two years to serve) on the attempted robbery conviction. Twenty years on each the firearm larceny, grand larceny, and credit card larceny were suspended, along with 10 years on the malicious shooting at a vehicle. He must also pay total restitution in the amount of $239.87.

In an unrelated contested trial, a Richmond man was found guilty on one count each of unauthorized use of a vehicle and misdemeanor driving revoked.

Ryan Collin Hatch, 19, of the 1900 block of Chatsworth Avenue, was rendered the guilty verdicts by Judge B. Elliott Bondurant after a 20-minute trial. On May 22, 2018, a be-on-the-lookout was issued for a red 2009 Dodge Avenger heading westbound on Interstate 64. A Virginia State trooper observed the vehicle and conducted the traffic stop. When being interviewed, the defendant, identified as Hatch, said he bought the car from a guy named “Will” for $300. He later told the officer he was heading back to his hometown in Bedford County for a court date.

Steve Morgan, the victim, testified that around 2 p.m. he left his car in the driveway for a few moments as he and his wife went to change his baby’s diaper. When he returned a few moments later, the car was gone, and he called the dealership to see if it had been towed. After they informed him it wasn’t, he contacted the police where the aforementioned events took place.

The defendant declined to testify on his behalf, and Bondurant quickly ruled that Hatch’s statement was self-serving and found him guilty. The judge sentenced Hatch to five years in prison with all time suspended on the unauthorized use of a vehicle conviction and 12 months with all time suspended on the driving revoked charge. The defendant, however, must pay $950 in restitution for costs from towing and income loss of the victim during the incident.

In other circuit court matters:

–Jacqueline Denoy Baker, 52, of the 1200 block of Nelson Street, Richmond, entered a guilty plea to an amended charge of misdemeanor petty larceny (originally petty larceny- third or subsequent offense).

In a summary of evidence, Baker worked at the Shell Station in Bottoms Bridge and stole lottery tickets. When the owner called about missing funds, surveillance tape revealed Baker taking the tickets and scratching them off and having somebody else cash them for her. After an investigation, she admitted to her misdeeds.

Under the agreement, Baker received a 12-month sentence with all but two months suspended.

–Noah Edwin Riddick, 34, of the 3400 block of George Washington Highway, Portsmouth, received formal sentencing on two charges each of assault and battery of a family member (third offense) and misdemeanor violation of a protective order, and one additional charge of strangulation. During an Oct. 29, 2018 trial, Riddick accepted a plea deal to the offenses where he admitted on July 8, 2017, he assaulted a victim while they were working on some documents. An argument ensued followed by a physical confrontation that resulted in the victim being grabbed by the throat and injured after being pushed to the living room floor.

Riddick received a five-year sentence with one year, 10 months suspended on the strangulation charge (three years, two months to serve). All five years on each of the assault and battery of a family member charges as well as all 12 months on both of the violation of a protective order charges were suspended.

–Jesse William Smith, 35, of the 4600 block of Massena Drive, Williamsburg, accepted a plea deal to possession of a controlled substance (heroin). One count each of possession of cocaine and possession of fentanyl were dropped as part of the agreement.

In a summary of evidence, on Feb. 28, 2018, police responded to a residence in New Kent where the defendant had overdosed. Two cans of Narcan were used to revive the defendant. A needle was discovered on Smith’s stomach and it was tested, revealing that heroin was one of the drugs inside of it.

Under the plea agreement, Smith received a five-year sentence with all time suspended.

–Dylan Mitchell Worley, 23, of the 700 block of N. 8th Avenue, Hopewell, entered a guilty plea to an amended charge of possession of ammunition by a violent felon (originally possession of a firearm by a violent felon) as part of a plea deal.

In a summary of evidence, on Oct. 15, 2017, a New Kent deputy responded to a call of shooting in an open field. When the deputy arrived, he observed individuals firing at cans and saw one vehicle place a rifle inside a truck. When he confronted the individuals, each were charged with misdemeanor reckless handling of a firearm due to the proximity to homes in the area. A further background investigation found that Worley was a convicted felon and ammunition for the rifles was located in the truck, prompting his arrest.

Under the agreement, Worley received a five-year prison sentence with four years, five months suspended (seven months to serve).