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Myers stepping down from post as superintendent of New Kent schools

By Andre Jones | March 4, 2019 8:49 pm

After serving the as superintendent of New Kent County Schools for the last five years, Dave Myers has announced that he will be stepping down from the position.

Myers has accepted a job at Virginia’s Department of Education and will serve as the assistant superintendent of data.

“I truly enjoyed being an intricate part of this community,” Myers said in a Monday evening interview. “When I got here, I didn’t have to worry about fixing things. I focused on trying to improve them.”

Among Myers’ pathway and implementations into New Kent under the tenure, he orchestrated more post-graduate choices for students, offering more courses inside school buildings, and taking the first steps to create a career and life readiness plan. He’s also enhanced school safety measures, created mental health support groups, and provided more communication devices to reach out to the community.

The outgoing superintendent commented about helping New Kent schools’ transition into a more technological school to improve instruction.

“I’m proud to have 21st century instruction,” Myers said. “We are in a generation where technology is used everyday and I wanted to make sure our students had access to that type of learning through the one-to-one initiative.

“I am also glad to institute instructional framework as part of the five-year strategic plan,” he added.

But for Myers, he said that leaving New Kent after five years was the hardest decision he has made in his 24 years in the educational field.

“Honestly, I wasn’t looking to leave, and I thought I’d be here for a few more years,” Myers said. “I love this place and I was excited about the new elementary school being built.

“Ultimately in the end, when I thought about doing a lot of strategy building of [educational] systems, something about that type of work excites me. To be able to work on behalf of 1.2 million kids, I couldn’t let that opportunity pass me by.”

Myers spoke about the unique challenge he faces ahead but said that he hoped his efforts to improve New Kent schools will help the new superintendent in the transition process.

“I felt that I’ve given a good five years to the schools and left it in good shape so someone can take the reins,” he commented.

For Myers though, the passion and connectivity of New Kent is something that will be the hardest for him to pull away from.

“The biggest surprise of my career is that I didn’t realize how strong the connections to this community would be when I got here,” Myers commented. “I got to know many people, from the Chamber of Commerce to those who helped with the Green vs. New Kent Board of Education celebration, there are so many others who care about the school and this community.

“The New Kent Education Foundation has been a God-sent as well,” he continued, praising the organization that has financially assisted the schools. “That’s what I will remember the most about the community. New Kent is so special and has a unique bond. It was so incredibly rewarding to be here.”

While the outgoing superintendent joked that he wouldn’t miss making robocalls and decision about the snow, he had one final message to share with New Kent.

“I would like everyone to know that I am so honored that you all entrusted me with your children for the last five years,” Myers said. “It’s been such a blessing and satisfying thing to work with the children and staff of New Kent schools, and it’s because of the people. This is such a great thing and I want to thank you for that.”

During the school board’s Monday night meeting, District 5 school leader Gail Hardinge echoed sentiments of the process with Myers’ upcoming departure.

“There is going to be a lot of uncertainty, but we have a great administrative team,” she said. “There are going to be a lot of changes going on.
“This man [Myers] has been truly incredible,” Hardinge added. “I thank him for all that he’s done for our schools.”

Myers last day is scheduled for April 24. A search for the next superintendent of New Kent schools is currently ongoing with the process expected to be completed by the end of April.