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New Kent residents concerned about possible road connection to subdivision

By Andre Jones | April 9, 2019 11:52 am

A group of residents of a New Kent subdivision are voicing concerns about a public road coming through their area.

Homeowners that reside in Patriot’s Landing near Bottoms Bridge spoke during the public comment period Monday evening at New Kent’s Board of Supervisors meeting with concerns about a road that would connect from their main entrance to Marketplace Drive, a secondary entrance of the subdivision. The concern stems from the road being constructed to allow trucks onto property that is scheduled to be the future home of Tractor Supply Company. That building is expected to be built on a portion of land adjacent to the Food Lion on Pocahontas Trail (Route 60).

“This new road will effect the pool, clubhouse, and other amenities,” said Kimberly Moyer, president of Patriot’s Landing Homeowner’s Association. “I don’t want to see this road connected to this development. Why do we have to suffer?”

“I know the PUD [planned unit development] is 15 years old,” chimed in Mick Rost. “When the proposal from Tractor Supply Company was first presented to us, it said that all access would come off Marketplace Road.

“I am concerned about the truck traffic, but the new road is a real safety concern,” he continued. “We have limited sidewalks and the road is directly in line with the clubhouse and pool.”

More citizens echoed sentiments about the proposed access way, citing the activity used by residents in the subdivision and the concerns of increased traffic.

“There aren’t a lot of areas where kids can freely roam, but this is one of them,” said Joy Putnam. “When I first moved here, I saw that entrance and it made me instantly think of this as a place I want to live.

“If that road is built, more non-residential and truck traffic would use that road as a shortcut,” she continued. “I want to see us work out a compromise where it doesn’t expose the integrity of our neighborhood.”

Residents added that the increased traffic would damage roads of the subdivision even more. And even though the work is still in progress and no formal decision on the roadway has been made, Patriot’s Landing residents vowed to keep fighting.

“This is not the community we bought into,” said Erin Whealton. “You will continue to hear the outrage of citizens if this is built.”