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After bizarre case, New Kent man receives eight-year prison term

By Andre Jones | October 1, 2019 12:23 pm

A New Kent man who attacked the daughter of a woman he used to be in a relationship with will serve eight years in prison.

Richard Alvin Cothran, 62, of the 5400 block of Elm Road, received formal sentencing on one charge of abduction and strangulation during Monday proceedings in New Kent Circuit Court.

During a July 29 trial, Commonwealth’s Attorney Linwood Gregory presented evidence where Cothran got into an altercation with the victim. During that altercation, Cothran had grabbed the victim and placed her in a headlock. Later, he forced her to watch as he cut his own throat.

After the preliminary trial, the victim of the altercation passed away unexpectedly. Using testimony through the use of a transcript collected during the preliminary hearing of the victim’s recap of events, the trial proceeded, with Cothran being convicted on the two charges.

Cothran received a 10-year sentence with five years suspended (five to serve) on the abduction charge. On the strangulation conviction, five years were imposed on the defendant with two suspended (three to serve).

In other circuit court proceedings:

–Mark Andrew Davis, 35, of the 100 block of South Elm Avenue, Highland Springs , entered in a plea agreement to one count each of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine), an amended charge of misdemeanor driving suspended-second offense (originally misdemeanor driving suspended-third offense), and an amended charge of misdemeanor violation of pretrial probation (originally felony failure to appear).

In a summary of evidence, on Sept. 4, 2018, a New Kent deputy was patrolling the Woodhaven Shores area of the county when he noticed a car with a crack in the windshield that covered at least 75 percent of it. After conducting a traffic stop, the officer noticed the odor of alcohol and conducted a search. The deputy discovered a pipe with white residue (later identified as cocaine) inside of a red and white box. Davis, identified as the driver, was arrested and charged.

–Alvaro Rascon Rodriguez, 30, of the 10000 block of Lees Landing Road, Saluda, entered guilty pleas to one count each of possession of a controlled substance (heroin) and misdemeanor violation of pretrial services as part of a plea agreement.

In a summary of evidence, on Nov. 23, 2018, a Virginia State Trooper conducted a traffic stop after noticing a pick-up truck with an expired registration. Upon walking up and viewing the driver of the vehicle, now identified as Rodriguez, and saw a plastic bag with white residue on it. A further inspection of the vehicle discovered two syringes used for injection. Rodriguez admitted he was a daily user and that he was on his way to pick up more when he was pulled over.

Under the agreement, no formal finding was rendered as the defendant will be placed in the first offender program.

–Shawn Eric Smith, 29, of the 4600 block of Easy Place Southeast, Washington D.C. , entered a no contest plea as part of an agreement to one count of possession of a controlled substance.

In a summary of evidence, on Mar. 17 a Virginia State Trooper noticed a car with a broken taillight and conducted a traffic stop. The officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana and conducted a search of the vehicle. Upon the search, the trooper discovered a green tablet that was later identified as methamphetamine (ecstasy).

Under the plea agreement, Smith will be placed in the First Offender’s program.