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Charles City man, part of $112,000 robbery, enters guilty plea

By Andre Jones | December 20, 2019 4:50 pm

A Charles City man who partook of a $112,000 robbery with two brothers from Dinwiddie entered a guilty plea during Friday morning proceedings in Charles City Circuit Court.

Tyron Lorenza Allen, 33, of the 6200 block of Old Union Road, plead guilty to one count of robbery stemming from an Oct. 15, 2018 heist. Two additional charges of robbery, two charges of use of a firearm in a felony (second offense), and one charge each of use of a firearm in a felony (first offense), burglary, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon were all dropped as part of a plea deal.

In a summary of evidence provided by Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Tyler, Allen along with Jeremy and Stephen Martin, broke into the home of Don Bulger. During the heist, Allen and Jeremy Martin held a group of elders hostage. During an Oct. 11 trial of the Martin brothers, Allen testified that Jeremy Martin went upstairs and forced one of the victims to open the safe. After the robbery was complete, a call was made to Stephen Martin, who picked the duo out before fleeing to the Dinwiddie residence with the money. At that trial, Allen commented how the plan was laid out and how he unlocked the side door to gain access into Bulger’s home. Approximately 10 days would pass before Allen would be caught and arrested on the crime.

Under the plea agreement, a presentence report is being prepared with the deal specifically saying that Allen’s sentence would not exceed the midpoint of the recommended guidelines. The sentencing guidelines recommends a range of nine years, eight months to 13 years, four months, with a midpoint of 11 years, six months. Formal sentencing for Allen is scheduled for March 20.

In other circuit court matters:

–Terrell Donte Bowman, 35, of the 13000 block of The Glebe Lane, Charles City, entered guilty pleas to one count of felony hit and run and misdemeanor driving suspended (fourth offense) as part of a plea agreement.

In a summary of evidence, Bowman was driving a vehicle down Lott Cary Road on Mar. 3 when his car struck the vehicle belonging to Janet Brown, forcing her to wreck in a ditch. Bowman abandoned his vehicle and eventually returned after information inside the car led to him being a suspect. Bowman admitted to the crime and was subsequently arrested.

Under the plea deal, Bowman received a five-year sentence with four years suspended (one year to serve) on the felony hit and run conviction. He also received a 12-month sentence with 11 months suspended (one month to serve) on the driving suspended conviction. Of his one month to serve, 10 of those days are a mandatory minimum under the state statute.

–Tyreek Darnell Bradley, 21, of the 4700 block of Barnetts Road, entered into a plea deal on two counts of carnal knowledge without force of a teenager between the ages of 13-15. One charge of shooting from a vehicle was dropped.

In a summary of evidence, between Aug. 23-31, Bradley had communications with an underage teenager. After conversations grew, the two agreed to meet up to have sexual intercourse. An investigation ensued following the encounter, where the defendant admitted his crime and told officers that he thought the girl was at the consensual age of 18.

Under the agreement, a presentence report is being prepared with sentencing guidelines recommending a range from one year to two years, two months to serve. Formal sentencing is scheduled for March 20.

–Jody Diequana James, 30, of the 4100 block of Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, entered a guilty plea to one count each of felony hit and run, misdemeanor driving revoked (third or subsequent offense), and misdemeanor DUI (second offense) as part of a plea agreement. Once charge of felony maiming while driving under the influence was dropped.

In a summary of evidence, on June 6 police officers responded to an accident near the Charles City Tavern on John Tyler Memorial Highway. When officers arrived, they found one car crashed in a ditch with a man injured inside. A second vehicle was located without any occupants. A search of the area discovered James walking in the parking lot of the restaurant. When questioned by authorities, James said she had walked from her job in Williamsburg, leaving there at 8 p.m. However, the combination of an odor of alcohol detected, her job being approximately 26 miles away, and the current time being just after 10 p.m., officers arrested James for the crime. A search of the subject discovered the keys to the abandoned vehicle in her pocket. A toxicology report revealed James’ blood-alcohol content level to be .13, more than one-and-a-half times the legal limit.

Under the plea deal, a presentence report is being prepared with sentencing guidelines recommending a range of one year, three months to three years, seven months to serve. Formal sentencing is scheduled for March 20.