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Update on Internet services provided at Charles City Board of Supervisors’ meeting

By Andre Jones | December 22, 2020 9:08 pm

Internet services continue to be an issue in Charles City County. Hopefully, a Tuesday night update provided a glimmer of hope for a topic that has been plaguing citizens for five years.

Charles City Assistant County Rhonda Russell provided an update on the two providers that are planning to come to the county as part of Charles City’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Russell first addressed SCS Broadband, a company that had planned to bring wireless Internet to citizens through the airwaves. While there have been several slowdowns along the way, Russell said that eight subscribers are currently on the network. She also commented that a tower originally constructed for District 1 will be relocated to District 3. That movement has not begun yet.

District 2 Supervisor and board chairman Bill Coada commented that he would like to see feedback regarding the current subscribers for SCS Broadband.

“I want to see a report in writing and see how the service is for them,” Coada said, referring to the current subscribers. “Any information that we can forward out to our constituents will be useful. This has been a long road.”

Meanwhile, Russell commented that Comcast has completed approximately 92 percent of their infrastructure implementation. She added that the company was significantly ahead of schedule and plans to advertise their service availability.

Coada commented that he hopes that after the final eight percent has been completed that they will receive the information of who the service will be available to and receive a coverage map.

District 3 supervisor Lewis Black III chimed in, commenting that the county should assist those in homes where Internet can’t reach them due to restrictions.

“As we are coming to completion, I’m curious if we can add additional homes and supplement them to get them to come down those roads,” Black said.

Coada responded, saying that even though earlier dialogue with the Economic Development Authority fell through, he would be more than happy to engage in talks with the group again.