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News for New Kent County and Charles City County, Virginia | September 18, 2021

Charles City man receives one-month jail sentence for burglarizing Adkins Store

By Andre Jones | September 7, 2021 4:30 pm

Security footage was used to identify Michael Deremer II as the individual who robbed Adkins Store in Charles City on two separate occasions.

Photo courtesy of Charles City Sheriff's Office

A Charles City man who robbed Adkins Store will serve one month incarcerated in a regional jail.

Michael Robert Deremer II, 30, of the 7400 block of Lewis Tyler Lane, received his formal sentencing as part of Tuesday morning proceedings in Charles City Circuit Court.

On June 25, Deremer entered guilty pleas to two counts each of burglary and petty larceny (third or subsequent offense) as part of a plea agreement.

During his trial on that day, a summary of evidence provided by Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Tyler presented that on Dec. 28, 2020, police officers responded to an overnight break-in of Adkins Store where the side window was destroyed. During that break-in, approximately $200 in cash was stolen. Video surveillance of that crime showed a Lexus SUV driving away from the scene, but later returning as the suspect retrieved a glove that they had dropped. Less than a month later on Jan. 19, 2021, another burglary took place at the store, this time with the front window smashed in. Security footage showed the suspect stealing additional cash from the register, along with cigarettes.

Charles City investigators tracked down the vehicle that was seen on surveillance and linked it to Deremer. When questioned and approached about the crime, the defendant cooperated and admitted that he was the one who committed the offenses. A search of Deremer’s residence discovered a glove similar to the ones that were seen in video footage and that the suspect had retreated to collect.

Deremer received a five-year sentence with four years, 11 months suspended (one month to serve) on the first burglary conviction. All five years on the second burglary charge, along with five years on each of the two petty larceny (third or subsequent offense) charges were all suspended. He has already paid restitution to the owners of Adkins Store in the amount of $1,500.

In an unrelated circuit court matter, a Providence Forge man accepted a plea agreement stemming from an incident when he threatened to burn down a structure.
Daniel Wayne New, 63, of the 6000 block of Greenyard Estates, Providence Forge, entered an Alford Plea of guilt as part of a plea deal to one count of making a bomb/burn threat (with the previous offense being 15 or more years ago). An Alford Plea of guilt that while the defendant maintains his innocence, evidence presented in the case would be enough to convict him of the crime.

In a summary of evidence, on May 13, New went to his sister’s home and had a confrontation with her boyfriend. During that argument, New made an allegation that he had did something to him in the past. A tussle ensued where New pulled out a knife, allegedly in self-defense. After the boyfriend disarmed him, New walked away and said that he was going to burn down his shed. The following day, police officers went to New’s home to question about the incident. New was later taken into custody.

Under the agreement, New received a three-year jail sentence with all but 19 days suspended. He has also been ordered to stay away from his sister and her boyfriend.