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Letter to the Editor: Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation Letter Part 2

By Community Member | December 9, 2021 9:24 am

To My Neighbors in New Kent and Charles City Counties,

As stated in the first letter of this two-part series to the editor, I have acquired to date roughly 5000 acres of central New Kent County centered on the intersection of I-64 and Highway 155. In the years since 2012, as my land and historical building purchases built up far beyond original expectations, a Foundation was formed to own some and eventually all of my real estate acquisitions. Its name is the Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation and it is dedicated to acquiring, restoring, landscaping and furnishing ante bellum houses and properties in New Kent and Charles City Counties and one other area in Texas.

On a personal note, responding to the most frequently asked question: no, I do not dislike trees! But historically, most of the Tidewater region was devoted to farms and pastures and we are required to be true to that landscape format for our properties. There is plenty of scope for forests in our anticipated outdoor designs along creeks, on slopes and irregular terrain, and as complements to restored and rebuilt structures. Meanwhile we are proud of what we are accomplishing and perfectly willing to clear vegetation out to the roadside so you are able to evaluate our progress.

The Foundation is committed to conservation and restoration of the rural landscape and precluded from real estate development. I own acreage not yet in the Foundation but in general, as the founder of the Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation, I share its views. So do not expect shopping centers, convenience stores and truck stops from me.

Thank you for reading and for any support you care to afford our activities in New Kent and Charles City.

John B. Poindexter
New Kent